Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The enchanting Aubrey Worek placed Top 3 at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. This certified Personal Trainer and nutrition specialist owns her own business. Aubrey says, “I had tons of laughs, special moments, & saw incredible performances. Congratulations to all of the athletes! My fitness routine scored a perfect 20 from all seven judges this year! I was floored! I felt really good about my performance. I’m already conjuring up my next routine!” – Photo by: Gordon Smith
Sixty-seven years young Ruby Carter Pikes proves that age does not matter by winning the ’14 Figure America Masters Division and the ’14 Figure America Overall. She is active in both her fitness and business life. Ruby is a personal trainer, promoter and a motivational speaker. She says, “I have a genuine passion for transforming lives and teaching about healthy living. I want to prove that age does not defy our efforts or results. Always a beginning, never an ending.”
’14 Ms. Bikini All Forces Champion Karye Mclendon competed in her fourth competition this year at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. This beautiful business owner placed third place in a division filled with 34 other dazzling ladies. Karye says, “I am still in awe of the experience and my third place finish. But beyond all that I got to spend time with my amazing fitness family, meet new fitness friends, laughs with my always supportive hubby, bonding with my coach, great food and even better memories. Thank you for all the congratulatory posts, calls and texts. Now it’s time to enjoy the holidays and set new goals for 2015!”

Friday, December 19, 2014

The angelic Ranee Brady presenting her wings at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. She took 1st place for both Ms. Bikini America Pro and Model America Sports. This Australian allure is an Occupational Therapy University student and a qualified personal trainer. Ranee says, “It was such an honor to be on that stage with the best of the best competing in the Bikini Pro Division at Las Vegas! Winning was always a dream, never a priority. I made it and I did it! If you have a goal no matter how outrageous, you go for it and don’t let anyone hold you back! The sky is the limit so fly high baby!” – Photo by: Gordon Smith 
Second grade bilingual teacher Jessica Vasquez gives her all for both her teaching and fitness career. She faces many challenges in trying to balance out her two lives. Jessica says, “I have to get all my work done before I go hit the gym. Sometimes my workouts are pushed into late at night. My toughest challenge is preparing meals. It is a very rewarding feeling to see how my body transforms with just eating healthy and working out consistently.” – Photo by: Mike Wilkes, MGW Photography
’14 Physique America winner Lauren Austin is a former 5th grade teacher who found a passion for fitness. She always sets short term goals to complete. Some people pressure Lauren to eat more than she should. She says, “Being a fitness competitor has taught me loads on how to stick to my goals and not get side tracked. No matter what happens I will not be tempted at the social functions I attend! Stick to your goals! When your friends, family, and coworkers start to see you change, then you will be the motivation for them to change their lifestyle!” – Photo by: Gordon Smith

Bodybuilder and personal trainer Tara Ebejer won 1st place in the ’14 Musclemania® America Women’s division. She is now into her off-season training and recovery diet. Tara says, “I had a really successful competition season and I am very pleased with my placement. This was the toughest and largest group of competitors I’ve ever been up against and it was a true honor to be amongst them. I met many great people, spent face to face time with my coach, set new PR’s under the guidance of my trainer and had the best prep season yet. I learned how to improve my training, diet, and how to integrate it into my lifestyle.” – Photo by: Gordon Smith

Friday, December 12, 2014

Congratulations to the mesmerizing Shannah Baker for winning the ’14 Ms. Bikini America Overall! She won the Open Medium Class, went on to win the overall and earned her Pro card. Shannah is part of Team Natural bodz that took First place in the Team Championships. She says, “A big thank you to all my friends and family for giving me support. I also want to support others by inspiring them to reach their goals. Eventually, I want to study nutrition and pursue a career in the health & fitness industry.”
Romanian beauties Vanda Maria Hadarean(left) and Anca Bucur(right) rocking a photo shoot at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. Vanda teaches the fun of fitness to youths by coaching the kids in the Fitness division at the show. Anca is 28 years young and won 2nd place in Fitness America Pro. She says, “I was in the best shape I was ever in due to an intense training program and diet. Thank you to my friends and family for their words of encouragement. I have plans to come back even stronger for 2015!”
Figure America Pro Champion Ashleigh Bible teaches Pre-Calculus and calculus at a high school. She not only won the Figure America Pro division, but she is also the Overall Figure and Fitness Champion for the Lone Star show. Ashleigh says, “I do not think it will ever sink in that I won the title of Ms. Figure America 2014 this past weekend. I am so thankful for everyone who has stood behind me during this prep. I want to teach and inspire moms to live healthy lifestyles.”
Stacie Venagro, winner of the Fitness America Pro division, reflects over the events of her trip to Las Vegas. She finds her trip well worth the ride because she met people from all over the world and had the pleasure of hearing their stories. Stacie says, “These women are beautiful inside and out and their journeys are just as amazing! The reason I am reflecting on them is because we do this together in all parts of the world. We all push each other and we don’t even realize it! So to see their smiling faces in Vegas was the highlight of my hard work and dedication to get to that moment! I love you all like family and wish I could have packed you in my luggage and take you home! Until next time ladies!”
Ms. Bikini Universe Pro and Model America Sports competitor Sharon Pasqual-Diaz fulfilled a rather tall order at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. She is not going to say that her journey was an easy one. Sharon says, “At the end of my journey, I found a stronger me. My body, mind and spirit became stronger. I wanted to give up many times. I would not have been able to do this without my friends, family and faith. I am here to encourage others and they are there to encourage me. Thank you everyone!”
Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Leslie Pantigny experienced an extraordinary competition at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. She met some outstanding people and great teams. Leslie says, “No top 5 for me, but I am proud to have reached Las Vegas in less than a year. I had a great time with the competitors and my team, Otem France. The next few months will give me some time for pancakes with Nutella. Coach Issiaka is going to kill me for that! Thank you everyone for supporting me!”
Ms. Bikini Universe Pro and Model America Sports competitor Pau Bonilla was filled with many emotions at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. She debuted in the first generation of Ms. Bikini Pros. Currently only 16 women from around the world hold a Pro title. Pau says, “Even though I did not place top 5, I do not consider this a failure. It is my personal win. I have trained hard to develop a beautiful body and stage presence. Even though I am not the top 5 of this 16, I am one of the 16 best in the world!”

Friday, December 5, 2014

Model America Champion Alina Adams was the top commercial model at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. The 5’7″, 123 lbs., corporate personnel recruiter has been competing for only two years, won both the Model Texas and Ms. Bikini Texas and is already generating numerous agency and photographer interest. No doubt, Alina will soon become a popular commercial & fashion model. 
Samantha Symes placed top 5 in both the Ms. Bikini America and Model America divisions! However, she received more than trophies that evening. Live on stage at the ‘14 Fitness America Weekend show in Las Vegas, Mick Hayes proposed to Samantha Symes. Congratulations to this wonderful couple may their life be full of wonderful moments. Thanks for bringing energy, fun and success to our 2014 Vegas Journey

Friday, November 28, 2014

International spokes model Jessica Vasquez recently traveled to India and Mexico City to spread the knowledge of health & fitness. Recognized for her incredibly aesthetic hour glass body, this 5x world Champion currently resides in Houston, Texas. Jessica has a passion for working with children and is a full time 2nd grade Bilingual teacher. She is not only a teacher in the classroom, but a teacher amongst her fitness peers too. Jessica finds teaching the most rewarding gift in the world. Inspiring and changing lives is what she loves and wants to be remembered for.
She is a strong Latin role model to young teens, aspiring athletes and anyone chasing a dream. All you have to do is believe big! See Jessica at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show in November at Las Vegas!
Future ‘14 Ms. Bikini America Competitor Andrea Baker, a marriage and family therapist, is preparing herself for her first show. She primarily works with women and adolescent girls who struggle with health and body image issues. Andrea says, “Sometimes I wonder if I have the body I need in order to actually do this. The answer is yes! I am not the leanest, strongest, or most ripped. It is because I am healthy! I was a girl with some unhealthy habits, but I learned from them to change and improve. So when I get on stage in a sparkly bikini, I will walk with a purpose. My tush may jiggle a bit, but it’s going to be a healthy one!”
Erika Strimer says ” If the face you always show the world is a mask, someday there will be nothing beneath it. Because when you spend too much time concentrating on what everyone else thinks of you, or who everyone else wants you to be, you eventually forget who you really are. DO NOT fear the judgments of others; you know in your heart who you are. You don’t have to be perfect…let people be impressed and inspired by how you deal with your imperfections” You can watch Erika and over 500 other amazing Fitness, Ms. Bikini, Figure and Model athletes on stage LIVE from Las Vegas.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Only 2 weeks until Nicole Matthews reunites with the stage at the ’14 Fitness America show in Las Vegas. She has spent the last year of her life developing her physique, her stage presence, her confidence and poise. Nicole has overcome so much, pushed hard and held steady to her goals. She spent her time in the gym looking forward to and envisioning the moment when she will take the spotlight. Nicole says, “My heart is invested in any commitment I make. It beats a little faster each time I reflect. I can feel the obstacle, victories, sweat and battles overcome. It isn’t the show that defines me, it’s each step I took to get there and the person I became on the way there. It’s more than a body that competes; it’s a person’s heart, soul and inner beauty that finishes! Thank you to my friends, family, and coaches for being the lights in my life and supporting me! Time to rock on! 
Paris Ashley Mcbride is still hanging strong after an extremely busy weekend filled with training, family and shows. This is her 7th year training after losing 120 pounds. The ‘14 Fitness America show will be her 11th Show and her 4th Year at the Fitness America show. Paris says, “My Journey has been filled with laughter, friendship, love and tears. I have made friends with many of the great competitors from around the world. I always look forward to spending time with all of them at each show. Money can’t buy the memories that I cherish or the moments that make my life with you nothing short of an epic adventure! I look forward to seeing you all at the ‘14 Fitness America show in Las Vegas. My body will be the best it has ever been and I am very excited to show the physique that I have been sculpting. Thank you Garey Macdowell, my coach, for helping me bring my body under subjection to create a beautiful masterpiece for the ‘14 Fitness America show. Everyone have a safe trip and a blessed last few weeks of training. Cherish the days as the show is upon us!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ana-Marija Zujovica has a great amount of love for dance and fitness. This 24 year old Serbian beauty placed 1st in ’14 Fitness Rimini, 1st in ’14 Fitness Helsinki, and placed at least top 3 in many others! In 2013, as a rookie, Ana won 1st place in her first performance outside her homeland. This year in Barcelona she repeated that success, but that European gold medal was not enough to satisfy her. She says, “Last year in Vegas, I managed to place into the top 5. This year in Miami, I was 3rd placed. I believe that this year is mine. I will achieve my goal and be the best in the world!”
’14 Figure Paris winner Lorie Barghi lives in Paris as a personal trainer. She is 20 years young and has been working out for over 3 years. Lorie started competing 2 years ago in the Bikini division. This year, she decided to move into the Figure division. She says, “I won the Figure division, but I still have many improvements to make. I need to practice my posing routine and add more symmetry and muscle quality. I want to develop myself into the fitness industry through modeling. I also want to move to the U.S.A. in a few years and open a business with my boyfriend, and ’14 Musclemania Paris Champion, Deelan Duriez 
’14 Ms. Bikini Antelope Valley competitor Crystal Karnbach in her empowering Rosa the Riveter attire. Crystal has done personal training for 5 years and is teaching boot camp classes for adults and kids. She is also a nursing student studying sports medicine. Crystal says, “I am committed to getting people motivated and inspiring them to live a fit lifestyle. I want to set an example for my son and achieve my own goals.”
’14 Ms. Bikini All Forces winner Karye McLendon loves to compete all year long! She is currently registered for the ’14 Fitness America show. Karye is an ambassador for a clothing line and a working mom of 5 boys! She says, “Always have a desire. Without it you will never get up at 5 a.m. to workout or drive to the gym after work and push yourself once you get there. You will never pass on the cake, stick to your healthy choices or skip happy hour. You will never stay committed without the DESIRE. It might be your desire to lose weight, build muscle, get healthy or enter a competition. Once you find your desire, don’t let it go. It will drive you to be successful. It will keep you going when you want to stop. Feed it. Embrace it. Nurture it. It will pave the way to your goals

Friday, October 24, 2014

At the age of 51, Marlene Atkin competed in her very first fitness competition at ’13 Boston Championships as part of Body Ambition team and took 2nd place in the Ms. Bikini Masters division.

Deciding to take it up a notch, this spring, Marlene competed in both figure and bikini at ‘14 New England Championships. She won 1st place in the Figure Masters and 3rd place in the Ms. Bikini Masters division.
An avid student of all things health and wellness related, Marlene believes that the human body is an incredible machine. If treated with the respect it deserves, the body will go wherever the mind wants to take it. Marlene’s passion is sharing that message through her own personal journey and through her roles as a NASM personal trainer and as a Health Educator. Married and the mother of two sons, ages 22 and 21, Marlene discovered weight training after college. She has spent the past 30 years using weight training as the core of her own personal fitness program. Marlene has modeled that lifestyle for her sons throughout their entire lives and is thrilled that her oldest son, having just graduated college, is now competing in Natural Body Building and Physique competitions. Inspiring her children and others to reach for their highest ambitions at any age is truly one of the most rewarding aspects of being a figure and bikini competitor. She will be spreading her message of how to live a deliciously fit life at any age through her company Fit-licious at MarleneAtkin.com.
Jo Loeskow at her first competition at the ’14 Musclemania Australia show! Here she is presenting in the Clubwear round of the Model Women Open division. Jo says, “This was my very first time on stage at my very first competition. I was pushing myself completely outside my comfort zone. A comfort zone is a nice place, but nothing ever grows there! I’ve learnt so much about myself this year by challenging myself to be the best version of me that I can be. I’ve set myself some massive goals for 2015 that scares the daylights out of me, but I’m excited to see where this journey leads!”

Friday, October 17, 2014

’14 Figure Europe competitor Carmen Diaz from Team Armed Forces Europe will be competing for the first time on October 19. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, she was State Police and a Deputy Jailer. Carmen is now a military spouse and mother living in Wiesbaden, Germany. She played volleyball in college and has a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice.
This November marks the 25th Anniversary for the Fitness America show. Although Norsiah Castellanos has competed in competitions before, this will be her first time at the ’14 Fitness America show. Even though she is swamped with Med School, she has planned something special for the show. Norsiah says, “Though a trophy would be nice to finally get, it’s not the reason why I do what I do. I want to inspire others and to be inspired. All of your kind words keep pushing me to go that extra mile.”
Congratulations to 43 year old Kristi Haglund-Parrotte for winning Physique Overall, Ms. Bikini Classic, and Figure division at the ’14 Colorado Championships. Getting to where she is now seems like a dream to Kristi. By having goals in her life, Kristi was able to get past her 2 in. leg length discrepancy at birth and push through 5 surgical procedures for corrections. She says, “I want to show my children that our tomorrows are created by what we dream today. I also want to show all women that their dreams and goals can be attained. It does not matter if you are 40, 50, or 60 years old. Knowing is believing and believing is achieving!”
Sandy Sciutto-Cook won the Overall Ms. Bikini Title at ’14 Britain show on September 13. She is not wasting time, pushing forward and getting ready to compete at the ’14 Europe Championships in Barcelona on October 19. Sandy says, “I won ’14 Ms. Bikini Britain; let’s see what happens when I compete in Europe. After that is Miami and Las Vegas for the World Championships. Bodybuilding is my life and Musclemania is absolutely becoming my bodybuilding family!”
Fitness Universe Pro Sharon PD took nearly a year off, but is determined to get back into competition shape. She just started training on July 19 and it is only 1 more week until the ’14 Texas Championships! Sharon says, “I’m going to do it! Can’t wait to show my transformation to prove that you can do it again! Even when life hits you hard, it is how you get back up!”
’14 Ms. Bikini New Mexico competitor Maria Andersen will admit some mornings will be hard to get up for early morning cardio. She makes no excuses however. Maria says, “I am here and I want a change my body composition. Do you want a change in your body condition? That means challenge yourself! You will keep looking the same as you did yesterday if you keep doing what you are doing. Be uncomfortable and push yourself!”

Friday, October 3, 2014

’14 New York competitor Kate McKay calls herself the Master Motivator. She is a transformational speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur, business owner and a mother of 3! Kate’s passion is to spread her message of living a life of abundance, health, and prosperity. This month she has released 2 books; “Living Living Sexy Fit: At Any Age!” and “Motherhood – Dreams & Success.” Kate says, “I’m committed and passionate about helping people take their sexy back. Whether that “sexy” is about doing work that fires them up, having the body of their dreams, or even having the relationship they desire. To me, sexy is all about living a life of vitality, passion and confidence. It’s about letting go of negative self-talk and feelings of unworthiness, which no longer serve you, so you can live your life all-out.” Catch Kate Mckay at the ’14 New York show on October 18.
’14 Ms. Bikini America competitor Andrea Baker is in the process of launching a virtual fitness business that focuses on physical and mental health. She was not always this active in the fitness scene though. In the beginning, Andrea just wanted a smaller waist, to look good in a bikini and a tighter rear. She soon found out she needed both physical and mental strength for her fitness journey. Andrea says, “I can push myself to get through that last 10 minutes of cardio. I can pump myself up enough to increase my barbell weight. I can exhale harder to knock out those last few reps. What I have struggled to do is shake off the judgments and negativity of others. It has taken all of the mental strength I have to keep going when I’m faced with these challenges, but I have done it and I’m doing it. With my chin held high, I say to you, now that is something to be proud of.” Catch Andrea Baker at the Fitness America Show on November 21-22.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jamie Lynn Hughes is holding nothing back for her return to the ’14 Fitness America Show in November. She had 11 Top 5 placing’s with 4 of those being runner-ups. Jamie says, “Although I compete because I love every second of it, my repeated placing’s as runner-up to world titles has only fueled my desire to chase an overall title.” Beyond competing she wants to be featured on popular fitness magazines.
Congratulations to Kathryn Magnus for winning 1st place in the ’14 Ms. Bikini Australia division. Throughout her life she has overcome injuries and genetic issues in order to be the healthiest she can be. Kathryn’s surgeons told her she needed surgery for her scoliosis and 3 herniated discs, but she opted for long-term rehab & weight training. She says, “Due to my genetic issues, I’ve had to adjust my diet. Due to my injuries, there are many exercises I can’t do. However, I focus on what I can do! I want to help people be their best through awesome nutrition & inspire those with injuries that you can still be fit with the right training.”
Model Britain Champions Ashley Lewis & Daisy Ward who won the show last weekend in London. At just 17 years old, Daisy surprised everyone with her fresh look and was Top 5 Finalist at Model Universe in Miami in the summer. Ashley is a black belt in karate and level 2-3 personal trainer. The 5’7″, 180 lbs. was all new to the competitive fitness scene. He explains, “I have never been to a competition and I have never tried to cut weight and have always been single digit body fat.”
Ms. Bikini and Figure Universe Pro Ann Hubbard and Fitness Universe Physique competitor Roger Williams say wine is not the only thing that can get better with age. Ann and Roger are at 48 and 52 years old respectively. She says, “It is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle of physical fitness and good nutrition. Due to modern medicine and technology, people are living longer than ever before. However, they are living with disease and poor health in their later years. The key is to live longer and be healthy enough to enjoy it!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

With the ’14 Fitness America Show just 6 weeks away, Joyce Emily had to get serious and honest about her goal to return to the show. Since her last competition, she had gained 14 pounds. With the help of her training coach, Joyce became aware that for months now she had been in denial about her eating behaviors and she not being honest with herself. Her life had changed radically after starting her own business and putting too much on her plate. Joyce says, “Trying to spin and balance too many plates has made me miserable and 14 pounds heavier. Does it scare the crap out of me, the way I look now knowing in 10 weeks I need to be in a bikini? Hell yes! I had the most incredible experience last year competing in the ’13 Fitness America Las Vegas Weekend. Spending 4 days in Vegas with over 500 competitors all in one resort is the ultimate girl’s trip for me. I took 5th place in Bikini Classic and quite frankly I don’t want to regret missing all the fun preparing and going with my girlfriends!”
Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jacquii Alexander always loved being active. Growing up, she was always doing something physical. Jacquii studied ballet for 12 years and participated in many school sports. She was in swimming, track, basketball, water polo, and snowboarding. Now Jacquii is preparing for the ’14 Fitness America show. She says, “. I love the Fitness America event in Las Vegas – it’s a massive event and there is always a big team of Australians there to compete. Winning the Ms. Bikini America title there as part of that Aussie team was a dream come true.”
’13 New Mexico Competitor Cyndi Lamica quotes, “Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” This is a quote she tries to remember daily as she has fought a few of her own. There were times in Cyndi’s life where she was skinny because she chose to buy ramen noodles for her 2 boys with the last few dollars of a single mom working 2 jobs. There was a time she was skinny because she was afraid to ask for anything extra at the grocery store growing up. There was a time Cyndi was skinny because even with food in the cabinets and fridge, she couldn’t stop to make time for herself. She says, “Skinny is a battle too, and is equally as upsetting as fat. Never wish to be skinny. Work to be strong!”
’14 Great North competitor Ann Mairs Farrah is ready to start training again. Ann was training hard, but took a break to spend more time with her kids. She says, “For me, my children always come first. I might not be perfect up on that Vegas stage in November, but I will do my very best to bring my very best!” Come see Ann Mairs Farrah at the ’14 Fitness America Show on November 21.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ms. Bikini Pro Jessica Vasquez tells us to not be afraid of lifting weights. She says, “Bodybuilding is a lifestyle and I love it! Ladies and Gentlemen don’t be afraid to lift weights. Over years of training with weights, incorporating cardio and eating natural foods I have earned the curves I have today. There is no magic pill!”
Sandy Sciutto-Cook is training herself for the ’14 Britain Show on September 13. She is a financial technology expert from Peru with a passion in health, training, and dance. Sandy recently discovered bodybuilding as her new passion and started strength training as of last year. Unfortunately, she met with some health issues caused by improper training and diet techniques which prevented her from training for a few months. Sandy learned from her mistakes and is back for more. She says, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Yes, I have struggled with weight and self-image issues, but I am after no sympathy vote. I want people to appreciate and respect the mental strength, discipline and hard work that goes into the Sport of Bodybuilding, and inspire people. On the day, I want them to enjoy the show and make as much noise as possible!”
’13 Australia Bikini competitor Natasha Seeto puts great emphasis on symmetry. She says “You have to work with what you got. I’ve always had a butt and hips with a tiny waist but haven’t always had a set of shoulders to balance that butt out. Instead of wishing I had someone else’s body, I begun sculpting the body I wanted.This year has been all about building a nice frame through my delts and back to create symmetry. Take caution, beautiful broad shoulders will taper your waist! Now my waist looks even tinier!”
Nicole Cohn-Matthews is getting prepared for the ’14 Fitness America Show on November 21. Last year Nicole prepped for her first show at the ’13 Arizona show. Nicole was nervous and placed 5th out of 5 in the Bikini. She did not let that loss stop her. She used that loss fuel her motivation instead! Nicole went on the ’13 Fitness America show and placed 11th out of 35. Finally Nicole took on ’14 Fitness Universe show and placed 4th! She says, “Each time I learn something new. Every journey to the stage offers a new experience. I am pumped up for my next show and can’t wait! My prep has begun and I’m focused like never before. A big shout out to my team and support system! I’m ready! 100% committed! Let’s do this!”.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fitness Universe Pro Angela Gargano knows we all struggle sometimes. She struggles with confidence especially when she hits a speed bump in life. Angela does not look at these speed bumps as “failures” but as an opportunity to keep pushing forward for what she wants. She says, “For the next month, my goal is to transform not only physically in preparing for my show but also mentally. I will no longer dwell on the negatives in my life and will gain more confidence in myself as I take a chance in doing what I love and truly being happy.”
Figure Universe and Fitness Universe Pro Bethany Nelson asks, “What has your strong moment been this year so far?” She has been training her body to travel in order to get around without a car. Starting in February, Bethany has been walking and using the bus often. Starting in May, she has been biking every day for at least 4-8 miles. Bethany says, “Whether it is finishing school, participating in a tough mudder, paying off a debt, or competing in a fitness competition you should be super proud of yourself. You’ve done something! It’s nearly impossible to go through life just wandering about. Recognize your strides and you’ll be more motivated to tackle more! My body has grown weary but I’m fighting to get through this year and soon things will turn around. I have hope and people supporting me! Finish strong!”
’14 Ms. Bikini New England 2nd place winner Elizabeth Sousa is feeling proud of herself. Despite the challenges of the high heat and humidity and vacation mindset she managed to get her 5 days of weight training in this week. Elizabeth has become a regular at her gym and is often approached with complimentary messages and requests for training advice. Even though she is on vacation and would rather sleep through her alarm, she still gets up. Elizabeth says, “By 10:00 a.m. I’m home making pancakes for the family just rolling out of bed. I feel accomplished and excited to enjoy the rest of the day. No one has time for the gym, or building a new business, or learning a new skill. We have to make the time! It’s about organizing our thoughts, using some creativity and making some sacrifices to achieve success.”