Sunday, September 15, 2013

Miss Uruguay Patricia Callero came to the Superbody Championships yesterday in Atlantic City and made the judges gasp. The 5'8", 125 lbs. beauty queen was competing in a fitness show for the first time and won both the Ms. Bikini and Model Divisions. Patricia is a college student and professional model and knows how to present her sass. But, she realizing that to move forward in fitness shows, she needs to get into a little better shape. "I realize that I need to tighten up a little and spend more time doing cardio. I'll do it and be ready for Las Vegas."
Lexine Kolb is the newest Figure Universe Natural Pro. The Pennsylvania native surprised even herself last night at the Superbody Championships by winning the Masters and overall title. The 46 year young mother of two teenagers thanks her husband David for his support. Maxine compete in ballet for 15 years was she was younger. She says, "I started competing at 40 and love to improve myself each day. I try to teach my kids this also to prepare them for their life ahead." Lexine is always a lot of fun at the shows and great role model for the younger gals stepping on stage.
Congrats to Carolina Beginner Champions! Held last Saturday in Charlotte, the annual camp style show welcomed first time competitors and introduced them to an exciting stage experience. Winners included Thomas Tourville - Musclemania®, Michael Brickhill - Model, Eve Freeman - Ms. Bikini™ & Model, Renee Sanders & Jennifer Kasmer - Figure Masters & Open and Marcy Lee - Fitness. Remaining Beginner Shows this season include Boston (Oct 5) and Ohio Valley (Oct 19).
Earlier this year Figure and Fitness Universe Natural Pro Bethany Nelson visited Albuquerque as a guest speaker at a competition prep seminar and the guest performer at Fitness New Mexico in June. She made the crowd roar in excitement with her "Toxic" fitness routine and left a lasting impression with the competitors she got to know back stage. A special connection from New Mexico to Minnesota had been made and now the ladies want more! A group of fitness competitors teamed up and invited Bethany back for one of her special Team Peanut fitness prep camps yesterday. Bethany says, "I was talking to a friend of mine from New Mexico and encouraged her to come out to Minnesota for my prep camp. With traveling being so expensive the trip would be super difficult. So, I told her to rally a couple of friends who would want to attend my camp and I would fly back!" Bethany will be coaching on nutrition, training, posing, modeling and especially positive self-image exercises. What a great way to continue the "fitness bond" between women who enjoy competing! Bethany will also be competing in the Figure and Fitness Universe Natural Pro Championships at Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas in November.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New York trainer Jodi Mehan says she's on a mission to teach people that discipline is the guardrail on the journey to self esteem. As the owner of Challenge by Choice Training, she has recently added the challenge to her trainees to actually compete. Jodi's studio is home to instructors who have all competed. Jodi explains, "I know how fulfilling the journey to the stage can be! teach class and sass to all need to learn presentation in competing. Most of all, it is the gratification if reaching the goal and the fun had at the amazing events Fitness Universe puts on!" Jodi's next competition outing will be Superbody in Atlantic City this Saturday. You can watch her and all of the talent on stage, LIVE at 6 PM ET, 3 PM PT.
New Mexico bombshell Danielle Duran had some exciting news last week. "I am beyond honored to share that I was featured in the August, Swimsuit Edition of Fitness Gurls Magazine," she announced. "I am grateful for the path that Fitness Universe has lead me on with fitness which has allowed me the privilege to meet and work with so many talented artists in the industry! Featured here in an outstanding image by LGFX, Danielle will appear at Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas in November.

Figure Universe Natural Pro Jessica Rinaldi Donathan was stunning at the Miami Beach show and easily winning the world class line-up. But, it is not enough for the Albuquerque mother who's training for Figure America Pro Championships in Las Vegas in November. Jessica says, "I am very excited about this next show. Fitness America has a lot of wonderful memories for me and I always enjoy my prep during this time of year. I love my winter squash as one of my prep staples and they are now getting to their peak season. Also I have cut my steady state cardio out and this prep will be relying on interval stairs, sprints, HIIT and heavy resistance to bring a sleek athletic shape to the stage for my 2nd Pro Show. I never want to come in the same and am maintaining good shape and muscle mass so my challenge this time is to do what I love and come in the leanest I have ever been. 12 weeks to go!"