Friday, February 27, 2015

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Chanel Collette defines success as the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors. She says, “Even the definition of success implies the “attempt.” Success is found even if it’s only in an attempt. We learn from attempting, taking risks and maybe making mistakes. Everything in your life worth having will be found outside your comfort zone. So here’s to 2015 — making attempts and trying!”
’14 Physique America Champion Lauren Austin’s 2 year transformation. Her before picture shows what bad nutrition, an eating disorder and just hoping that her body will change resulted in. She says, “After 2 years of training with Dewayne Malone, he has transformed me into a completely new person! I am excited to see what comes of this next competition season with Musclemania!”
Ms. Bikini and Model America competitor Candi Alterego says as long as you wake up in the morning, you are still in the game. She says, “Once we hit that wall, we don’t quit and we don’t give up. Yes, we are tired, hungry and our minds are telling us to quit. However, we will not quit because we haven’t reached our goals!”
Ms. Bikini Universe and Figure Universe Pro Marybeth Paul is thrilled to represent the Masters Division. She won Masters Bikini in Vegas 2012, Miami 2013, and again in Vegas 2014. She also won Masters Figure Vegas 2012 and placed 4th in Figure Pro in Vegas 2014. “No matter how old you are, you can reach your goals with discipline-dedicated workouts, clean eating, and practice, practice, practice.” Marybeth is a personal trainer, HS track coach and model/actor in Massachusetts.
Figure Universe™ Natural Pro Camie Guerrero talks about winning the figure short division at the 2014 Fitness America Weekend. “It was such a surreal moment. I was overwhelmed. Just being on stage is an accomplishment and winning is beyond words. I’m so thankful for this organization, the athletes and my amazing man who always supports me.”
Ms. Bikini Latina Paulina Bonilla is probably one of the most deceiving looking lawyers you’ll ever meet. The 24 year old Mexico City resident and Ms. Bikini Universe Pro says, “Although I did not place at Fitness America in November, I am determined to come back next November to win. It has been tough to keep my day job as a lawyer and get into and stay in stage shape but it is my passion. As I said, I will not rest until be the number one!”
Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Maria Andersen offers advice to those who made a New Year’s Resolution. She says, “If you are serious about yours, do not give up. It takes persistence and constant focus to make changes. You might not be able to change immediately (lose weight, stop smoking, be more active, etc) and you might not see results right away. But keep trying. Remind yourself what your goals are. Your everyday decisions will determine how successful you will be!”
Fitness America competitor Aubrey Worek is never bored with all the recent fitness trends. She says, “I see an endless supply of fitness trends from which to choose! We can never get bored. Have fun trying at the different classes and workouts that are out there. Give each style at least 3 tries before moving on to the next.”

- Photo by: CLiK studios

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Congratulations to Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Jamie Lynn Hughes for her partnership/sponsorship with Fit City Foods. She says, “They’ve got some serious stuff planned for the year ahead. The 2015 Fitness America is in eleven months and by adding Fit City Foods in with my already stellar prep resources, this should be my best shot yet to finally break that 2nd place cap.”
’14 Physique America Champion Lauren Austin is currently training for 2015 Lone Star show in Galveston, Texas on May 16. She is going to work with her trainer and Musclemania Pro Dewayne Malone in Houston to prepare. Lauren says, “Make being healthy your lifestyle not your resolution! Make it a habit, not a chore!”
Ms. Bikini and Figure Universe Pro Ann Hubbard says “Rome wasn’t built in a day and at 48, I am still under construction.” She is working hard to bring her best Bikini body to the Fitness Universe Tour stage this year. Ann was once told by a trainer she was too big and had too much muscle to compete in the Ms. Bikini division. She knew almost anything is possible at any age with the right mindset, nutrition, and training. Ann says, “It’s not about being perfect; it is about motivating and inspiring myself and others to live happier healthier lives!”

Friday, February 6, 2015

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Sharon Pascual-Diaz says life is similar to a camera. She says, “Focus on what is important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things do not work out, take another shot! A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big and laugh a lot.”