“She leaves the audience stunned as she Soars in the air across the stage like a real super hero.” Fitness America Pro Champion, Stacie Venagro is a 29 year old personal trainer from Cranston, Rhode Island. She first decided to learn about personal training at the age of 18 because she wanted to change her fate. Not only does obesity run in her family but she saw herself slowly realizing that outcome.
Stacie made this change because she was afraid to let her health deteriorate at such a young age. She improved her overall health and then started assisting others with her methods. She started with family members and they saw amazing results! She continues to better herself physically as well as her family and current clients. Due to her addiction of watching bodies transform so she became an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer.
“While I still continue to challenge myself in competing in fitness, it shows my family, friends and clients that anything is possible.
My most accomplished moment was when my name was called for the 2nd time in a row for World Miss Fitness America! Winning back to back titles is a huge accomplishment! Knowing that I was able to make history in FAP didn’t hit me right away, it was when I got home to my supporters, family and friends! They are what keep me going on a daily basis to show them that it is possible!
This picture is my favorite as it captures this exact moment as stated above.
My best comp prep advice is to trust the process and enjoy the journet! Nothing happens overnight but you can do it!”