Sunday, April 21, 2013

Congratulations to '07 Fitness America Champion Else Lautala, this month's Fit magazine cover girl. The Finnish sports fitness star and professional acrobat has been a mainstay on the competitive fitness circuit for over a decade. Else was the first fitness competitor from her country and has develop a team of amazingly talent and beautiful ladies who have won on Fitness Universe, America and Europe stages.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Here is a lady who practices what she preaches and has the lifetime experiences to warrant it. At 50 years young,Jacqueline Le Claire suffered a debilitating stoke, was paralyzed and unable to speak. Now, 18 months later, the 5'4", 115 lbs. Pennsylvania wellness professional will take the stage at Ms. Bikini New England at Foxwoods Resort Casino. Jackie is testament to what rehabilitation, rigorous training, smart eating and a strong mental fortitude can do for body, mind and soul. The Rutgers University graduate runs 5K's and says, "I am thrilled to here today!" And, no doubt, all of the other 200 competitors will be there to support and congratulate Jackie on her recovery and strident attitude in life.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

As an owner of a Snap Fitness studio, Michelle Welcomeis well verse in fitness training, nutrition and regimented fitness lifestyle. But the 11 year competitive veteran took it a notch higher last year at the Figure America Championships in Las Vegas. Michelle says, "I had already earned professional status in 3 organizations throughout my career. But, I joined the Figure Universe league and earn Natural Pro status!" Michelle will now be moving up to the Figure Universe Natural Pro Championships in Miami Beach in June and will compete among the best natural ladies on stage. "My passion in life is to encourage others to train naturally and consistently for year round total body health," she explains. But the Connecticut native doesn't talk about the natural fitness lifestyle. She puts it into motion. "I recently launched a series of "Michele Approved" breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus at local restaurants to encourage wholesome and healthy meal options that take the guess work out of eating healthy. I give health oriented people healthy meal options without having to make any substitutions. The community response has been incredible and I look forward to continuing to make a difference in both my local community and beyond." Michelle and hundreds of other amazing natural athletes and sports models will compete at the Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami Beach. The entire, two-day, 22 hour show will be broadcast LIVE on
'12 Figure Universe & '11 Figure America Champion Jessica Rinaldi literally took the natural competitive figure scene. The 5'7", 144 lbs., personal trainer is now moving up to the Figure Universe Pro ranks and is aiming for Miami Beach. Jessica says, "I'm 12 weeks out from the show. This year is proving to be my best yet!" Intensely competitive and focused 24/7, she is trained by husband Michael Donathan who's laided out less than scrumptious but wholely effective mean plan including what he calls a "balanced diet" - black beans, black eyed peas, acorn squash, chicken breast, ground turkey, green chile, kale and turnip greens. Jessica is not carb cycling or drastic changes. "I am just eating balanced and consistent." Physically, she's using new training tools to monitor he workouts for the show including intense workouts and keeping running to 15 miles per week for a half marathon."
Professional boxer and MMA competitor Tisha Rodriguez got her athletic experience at Fitness Universe shows nearly a decade ago before launching her fighting career. Now, the 36 year old mother is making a comeback at Fitness New England at Foxwoods Resort Casino in 3 weeks. At 5'4", 115 lbs., Tisha is a seasoned trainer and is always in shape. She says, "I am trained as a boxer, Muay Tai, Jiu Jitsu but stop fighting because of a knee injury after 6 years in the ring." Tisha will compete in the Ms. Bikini and Model New England. But, her fitness aspirations continue. "I want to grow my gym business with my uncle, a lifelong boxing coach. And, I really want to be able to perform my fitness routine, again, soon! I am always up to something new." Tisha will be among 200 other amazing competitors on stage on April 27. Everything will be broadcast LIVE and highlights tape delayed on New England Sports Network.
Back home "down under" in Australia, Kristy Lee Wilsoncame from an athletic family and was a former elite gymnast. Today, the 5'2", 105 lbs., 34 year old athlete is a Cirque du Soleil performer in Orlando. In college Kristy studied exercise science and nutrition and says, "I love working with kids and teaching them the importance of health and fitness from an early age." She will bring her seasoned and professional fitness performance skills to Fitness New England at Foxwoods Resort Casino next month. Kristy and everyone appearing at the show will be featured LIVE on
Personal trainer Kristin Noblette has been an active figure competitor in many organizations and shows. But, the 5'2", 115 lbs., 32 year old says her goal is to become a Figure Universe Natural Pro. Originally from a small Virginia farm town, Kristin moved to Philadelphia she says, "to purse my dreams."
Canadian dietitian Kristen Vidlak will make her foray onto the Model Great North show stage next month in Minneapolis. The 29 year old former collegiate gymnast and track & field athlete says she continues her athletic pursuits running triathlons  cross fit and cycling. Kristen says, "Fitness is what I love! I want people to really understand how physical fitness combined with good nutrition can shape your whole being." At 5'8", 135 lbs., she won her class a Canadian modeling show last season and is bumping her way up to Model Universe.
Nursing student Carine Duval won the '12 Ms. Bikini Boston. But, the 42 year old Massachusetts dental hygienist couldn't get enough and is training for the New England show next month at Foxwoods Resort Casino. "My passion and hobby is being a fitness competitor and model," Carine says. "I've always been into exercising, running marathons and staying healthy, but then I started to train for fitness competitions." Carine has competed and won in other organization shows, but switched to Fitness Universe and its natural policy. Carine explains, "I love the focus of my fitness regimen and want to prove that with positive thinking, a strong focus and a happy, health attitude, anything is possible."