Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Figure Universe Natural Pro Champion Jessica Rinaldi dominated the Miami Beach show with incredible shape, condition and presence. The New Mexico star was recently married to long time boyfriend Mike Donathan who is also Jessica's trainer.
Kudos to newly crowned Model Universe Classic Champion Jacquii Alexander of Australia! The veteran model says she does it all for the fun of it. Jacquii is an American Express Asian Operations Director and a property investor. But, come weekends, she's either competing in snowboard events or in sports modeling shows. At 5'8", 120 lbs., Jacquii says she's been athletic since childhood including 12 years as a competitive ballerina. She will be a special guests and presenter at Fitness Australia on the Gold Coast in October.
Selected as Ms. Bikini Universe and Model Universe Champion, Korean Do-Yea Kwon was a popular choice among both the audience and judges. The 5'10", 128 lbs., 27 year old fashion model traveled from Seoul to Miami Beach with Team Korea. After the show, Kwon spent the week celebrating her honeymoon with her groom. Do-Yea says, "I was so overwhelmed when I won." She was part of a 25 member Team Korea delegation which won in so many categories throughout the weekend. With two Fitness Korea shows now produced each year, over 400 competitors participate at each show!
The before and after of Ashley Berry at Fitness Orange County in May is startling. Jenny Karl Make-Up Services were available at the show so competitors could be treated and touched up from arrival and throughout the show. Their exclusive services will also be available at the Superbody and America shows this fall. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pennsylvania housewife and mother Lexine Kolb is coming to Miami Beach this week for the Fitness Universe Weekend. The 47 year old home based business women will be on stage in the Figure & Ms. Bikini Universe. "I started competing 7 years ago and love it!," Lexine says. "My goal is to inspire women at any age. Iam proof that it's not too late to start something and reach for your goals by working hard. I love when people approach me and ask how I do it and can I help them. That makes it all worth it! Helping others. I enjoy meeting so many others at all the shows." And, will 400 competitors at the Universe, Lexine will have plenty of new friends to make. Watch the show LIVE on on Friday and Saturday, 9 AM - 10 PM ET.

New Coach, New Show

Figure Universe Natural Pro Danielle Duran has already got her training regimen into action for her debut. She explains, "A little over 5 months until I hit the stage at Figure America in Las Vegas. I started with a new coach, Matt Cook, a personal trainer out of Hollywood, and I feel amazing. I have a brand new eating plan which is very different from anything I have done in the past, I feel strong, energetic and beyond motivated. I am working to get my physique to a whole new level and promise to bring my best ever to the stage in November. I have been researching and adding new and different techniques to my training and I feel great. I enjoy learning and understanding myself and I'm so happy to have the new guidance."

Bachelor Pad Body

ABC’s “Bachelor Pad 3″ Winner Nick Peterson may have won $250,000, but he’s not stopping his media roll. The 27 year old, Florida actor and model was also on Season 7 of “The Bachelorette” and will be on stage at Model Universe Friday & Saturday with 100 other amazing sports models. Watch the show LIVE on