Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fitness Muscle Action

At the recent Fitness America Weekend, Canadian natural bodybuilder Creg Taylor competed in the MM America MW Class but he made his mark in the new Fitness America Championships Men's Division. The 28 year old personal trainer gave an outstanding performance mixed with acrobatics, dance, strength and other choreographed moves. Creg's two minute routine had the crowd going nuts! All 2012 Regional and National events will feature the Fitness Men's Division leading to Fitness Universe, America and World Championships.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Model America Dance

Newly crowned Model America Champion Angelina Mullins is new to fitness industry but is an accomplished dancer and commercial model. The 26 year old Broadway performer was trained at Boston Ballet School and has performed in West Side Story, Spamalot, Fosse and Saturday Night Fever. Angelina says, "I am fairly new to the fitness world and love it! Everything from working hard in the gym, right to the pay off of being on stage is more rewarding than anything I have ever done." She has also appeared in Reebok and Lady Footlocker print ads, Step 360 informercial and Lucille Roberts commercial.

Fitness Men Launch

One of the highlights last weekend in Las Vegas was the new Fitness America Championships - Men's Division. With incredibly energized routines, these guys literally had the audience standing on their feet cheering! David Zuma (2nd left) from Costa Rica was outstanding with a powerful, athletic, entertaining and fun performance. Taking 2nd Place was Fitness South African Champion Llewellyn Cordier (2nd right) was tall (6'3"), massive, strong but agile and creative. Canadian bodybuilder Creg Taylor (left) threw the ladies into a tizzy with his gyrating dance moves earning him 3rd Place. And, Florida hip hop master Ricardo Sylvester (right) had moves that were over the top rivaling any MTV dance crew. The competitors were judged 50% Performance Round and 50% Swimsuit Round. Next season, all US and international events will host Fitness Universe - Men's Divisions.

50 Women Strong

Nearly 50 women competed at last weekend's Fitness America Championships with Leigha Hervey capturing the Open Division and Trina Wiggins snatching the Classic Division. It was easily the most exciting event in years with incredible talent from the US, Canada, Europe and Asia especially with past FA Champions giving show unparalleled competitive depth. Complete results ae posted at and photo galleries will be posted later this week.