Sunday, January 19, 2014

Figure Universe™ Pro Bethany Nelson has been a energetic figure on the competition scene since her first show a couple of year ago. The Minnesota choreographer and school dance coach has her own dance troupe which she says, “represents strong fitness women.” Bethany is 5′, 114 lbs., 31 years of age and decided to become a Fitness and Figure Universe competitor because of her love for hip-hop dance and performing. “I love creating my own choreography with a signature flirty, strong and powerful style,” she explains. “After discovering I had a severe gluten allergy, I quickly adapted to a new healthy lifestyle of eating clean and feeling fit for the first time in my life. In just the 15 months I lost more than 20 pounds and my body fat in half!” Professionally, Bethany is a production manager for a commercial lifestyle photographer.
Ms. Bikini Universe™ & America Tall Class Sally Leung is one of the most elegant and beautiful ladies on stage each season. The 5’8″, 20 lbs., 29 year old marketing executive has been competing for over 5 years, so he knows her body and how to prepare for shows and maintain a healthy condition all season. Sally says, “I genetically have a small frame and bone structure. But I still eat 5 – 6 meals a day, exercise 4 – 6 times a week, and feel stronger than ever before. I used to be skinny fat and I will not let myself go back again!” Sally teaches Zumba, is a bootcamp instructor and a nutrition and wellness specialist.
As an Emergency Medicine Physician, you could say that Christine Huang is the most unlikely fitness competitor. For the past 4 years, she has competed in Fitness New York, New England, Universe and America shows in both the Fitness and Musclemania® Divisions. At 5’3″, 116 lbs., 44 years old, Christine is a New York native and Taiwanese American with a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She is a book author and petite runway fashion/swim wear/lingerie model. When asked why someone with such academic and professional achievements enjoyed competing in fitness shows, Christine answered simply, “I just thrive on living all of my passions no matter how unique.”
In just two season, Ada Abanobi became a Fitness Universe™ Pro. The 5’6″, 142, 34 year old trauma nurse is a former Houston Texans cheerleader and is the eldest of 7 children. Ada competed at Fitness America Weekend last November.  She trains in Houston with Musclemania® Pro Dewayne Malone’s and his team of fitness, bikini and model women plus natural bodybulders and physique competitors.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Veteran competitor Amanda Kelsay says she’s always enjoyed her stage time for the sheer fun of it. The 5′, 100 lbs., Massachusetts personal trainer has been a ferociously competitive Ms. Bikini and Figure competitor since 2007 but hasn’t won a major title. No matter, because Amanda’s passion transcend titles and fulfillment comes with her efforts on and off stage. She has a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts.
Texas belle Jamie Lynn Hughes maybe a sexy Ms. Bikini babe, but the former AFL professional cheerleader is enamored with rock music and everyone in it. “I absolutely LOVE classic rock and when I was a girl, I wanted to marry Tommy Lee (I did end up marrying a drummer by the way!),” Jamie admits. “I am a little over the top with my love for Jack Black. In fact, I named my cars after him and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D (Jables and The Rage Kage).” The vibrant 5’3″, 120 lbs., 27 year old personal trainer and nutrition coach placed a close 2nd at ’13 Ms. Bikiini America. Jamie says she enjoys the Olympic lifting aspect of CrossFit. But, more importantly, she processes that, “I want to help other women become free from physical, financial, and social burdens through the avenue of fitness.”
Hailing from the Rocky Mountains, Anita Lee swooped into Las Vegas and nearly won the Figure America™ Classic Division. The 5’5″, 125 lbs., home maker and mother of 4 children was a former Miss Arizona Teen and Mrs. Colorado Finalist. Anita has a BA in Journalism and English from the University of Arizona. She says her culture has played the biggest role in her life. “I am a first generation Greek American,” explains Anita. “Greek culture and tradition played a huge role in my life and instilled confidence in in me!” But, she also says that, “Fitness and sports have played an equally important role since childhood and has positively impacted me in many ways.”