Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The enchanting Aubrey Worek placed Top 3 at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. This certified Personal Trainer and nutrition specialist owns her own business. Aubrey says, “I had tons of laughs, special moments, & saw incredible performances. Congratulations to all of the athletes! My fitness routine scored a perfect 20 from all seven judges this year! I was floored! I felt really good about my performance. I’m already conjuring up my next routine!” – Photo by: Gordon Smith
Sixty-seven years young Ruby Carter Pikes proves that age does not matter by winning the ’14 Figure America Masters Division and the ’14 Figure America Overall. She is active in both her fitness and business life. Ruby is a personal trainer, promoter and a motivational speaker. She says, “I have a genuine passion for transforming lives and teaching about healthy living. I want to prove that age does not defy our efforts or results. Always a beginning, never an ending.”
’14 Ms. Bikini All Forces Champion Karye Mclendon competed in her fourth competition this year at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. This beautiful business owner placed third place in a division filled with 34 other dazzling ladies. Karye says, “I am still in awe of the experience and my third place finish. But beyond all that I got to spend time with my amazing fitness family, meet new fitness friends, laughs with my always supportive hubby, bonding with my coach, great food and even better memories. Thank you for all the congratulatory posts, calls and texts. Now it’s time to enjoy the holidays and set new goals for 2015!”

Friday, December 19, 2014

The angelic Ranee Brady presenting her wings at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. She took 1st place for both Ms. Bikini America Pro and Model America Sports. This Australian allure is an Occupational Therapy University student and a qualified personal trainer. Ranee says, “It was such an honor to be on that stage with the best of the best competing in the Bikini Pro Division at Las Vegas! Winning was always a dream, never a priority. I made it and I did it! If you have a goal no matter how outrageous, you go for it and don’t let anyone hold you back! The sky is the limit so fly high baby!” – Photo by: Gordon Smith 
Second grade bilingual teacher Jessica Vasquez gives her all for both her teaching and fitness career. She faces many challenges in trying to balance out her two lives. Jessica says, “I have to get all my work done before I go hit the gym. Sometimes my workouts are pushed into late at night. My toughest challenge is preparing meals. It is a very rewarding feeling to see how my body transforms with just eating healthy and working out consistently.” – Photo by: Mike Wilkes, MGW Photography
’14 Physique America winner Lauren Austin is a former 5th grade teacher who found a passion for fitness. She always sets short term goals to complete. Some people pressure Lauren to eat more than she should. She says, “Being a fitness competitor has taught me loads on how to stick to my goals and not get side tracked. No matter what happens I will not be tempted at the social functions I attend! Stick to your goals! When your friends, family, and coworkers start to see you change, then you will be the motivation for them to change their lifestyle!” – Photo by: Gordon Smith

Bodybuilder and personal trainer Tara Ebejer won 1st place in the ’14 Musclemania® America Women’s division. She is now into her off-season training and recovery diet. Tara says, “I had a really successful competition season and I am very pleased with my placement. This was the toughest and largest group of competitors I’ve ever been up against and it was a true honor to be amongst them. I met many great people, spent face to face time with my coach, set new PR’s under the guidance of my trainer and had the best prep season yet. I learned how to improve my training, diet, and how to integrate it into my lifestyle.” – Photo by: Gordon Smith

Friday, December 12, 2014

Congratulations to the mesmerizing Shannah Baker for winning the ’14 Ms. Bikini America Overall! She won the Open Medium Class, went on to win the overall and earned her Pro card. Shannah is part of Team Natural bodz that took First place in the Team Championships. She says, “A big thank you to all my friends and family for giving me support. I also want to support others by inspiring them to reach their goals. Eventually, I want to study nutrition and pursue a career in the health & fitness industry.”
Romanian beauties Vanda Maria Hadarean(left) and Anca Bucur(right) rocking a photo shoot at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. Vanda teaches the fun of fitness to youths by coaching the kids in the Fitness division at the show. Anca is 28 years young and won 2nd place in Fitness America Pro. She says, “I was in the best shape I was ever in due to an intense training program and diet. Thank you to my friends and family for their words of encouragement. I have plans to come back even stronger for 2015!”
Figure America Pro Champion Ashleigh Bible teaches Pre-Calculus and calculus at a high school. She not only won the Figure America Pro division, but she is also the Overall Figure and Fitness Champion for the Lone Star show. Ashleigh says, “I do not think it will ever sink in that I won the title of Ms. Figure America 2014 this past weekend. I am so thankful for everyone who has stood behind me during this prep. I want to teach and inspire moms to live healthy lifestyles.”
Stacie Venagro, winner of the Fitness America Pro division, reflects over the events of her trip to Las Vegas. She finds her trip well worth the ride because she met people from all over the world and had the pleasure of hearing their stories. Stacie says, “These women are beautiful inside and out and their journeys are just as amazing! The reason I am reflecting on them is because we do this together in all parts of the world. We all push each other and we don’t even realize it! So to see their smiling faces in Vegas was the highlight of my hard work and dedication to get to that moment! I love you all like family and wish I could have packed you in my luggage and take you home! Until next time ladies!”
Ms. Bikini Universe Pro and Model America Sports competitor Sharon Pasqual-Diaz fulfilled a rather tall order at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. She is not going to say that her journey was an easy one. Sharon says, “At the end of my journey, I found a stronger me. My body, mind and spirit became stronger. I wanted to give up many times. I would not have been able to do this without my friends, family and faith. I am here to encourage others and they are there to encourage me. Thank you everyone!”
Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Leslie Pantigny experienced an extraordinary competition at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. She met some outstanding people and great teams. Leslie says, “No top 5 for me, but I am proud to have reached Las Vegas in less than a year. I had a great time with the competitors and my team, Otem France. The next few months will give me some time for pancakes with Nutella. Coach Issiaka is going to kill me for that! Thank you everyone for supporting me!”
Ms. Bikini Universe Pro and Model America Sports competitor Pau Bonilla was filled with many emotions at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. She debuted in the first generation of Ms. Bikini Pros. Currently only 16 women from around the world hold a Pro title. Pau says, “Even though I did not place top 5, I do not consider this a failure. It is my personal win. I have trained hard to develop a beautiful body and stage presence. Even though I am not the top 5 of this 16, I am one of the 16 best in the world!”

Friday, December 5, 2014

Model America Champion Alina Adams was the top commercial model at the ’14 Fitness America Weekend show. The 5’7″, 123 lbs., corporate personnel recruiter has been competing for only two years, won both the Model Texas and Ms. Bikini Texas and is already generating numerous agency and photographer interest. No doubt, Alina will soon become a popular commercial & fashion model. 
Samantha Symes placed top 5 in both the Ms. Bikini America and Model America divisions! However, she received more than trophies that evening. Live on stage at the ‘14 Fitness America Weekend show in Las Vegas, Mick Hayes proposed to Samantha Symes. Congratulations to this wonderful couple may their life be full of wonderful moments. Thanks for bringing energy, fun and success to our 2014 Vegas Journey