Saturday, May 31, 2014

She originally set-out to be an engineering student, but after a sports injury resulted in complete ACL reconstruction, Adriana Sanchez had a major change in career direction. Today, the 5’3″, 140 lbs., 32 year old is a fitness specialist at Chevron World Headquaters in Houston. Adriana is currently training for Figure Universe Pro in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale next month.
Ana Marija Zujovic and Marija Savic will be flying to Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale. The Sarajevo divas have won both Fitness Europe and Fitness America. Former competitive gymnasts and acrobats, Ana and Marija are seasoned athletes who bring an arresting charm and exciting to the stage at every show.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dancer Jennifer Wilson is an NBA Houston Rockets cheerleader and IFBB Fitness Pro who is training for Fitness Universe Championships in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale next month. The 5’1″, 122 lbs., 37 year old mother developed her athletic skills through years of sports activities including competitive gymnastics, cheerleading and martial arts. Jennifer explains, “My Uncle owned several Chinese boxing schools that my older sisters attended, but they never expected that a 4 year old would take to the sport like a sponge. My family and I traveled to China to compete in the 4th World Wushu Kung-Fu tournament and at the age of 7 earned my 1st black belt. I believe my Father and Uncle got more than they bargained for.” As a mother of twin 6 year old girls, Jennifer says she gained after the pregnancy. “I lost all confidence and my identity. But, I found a love for coaching athletes to live out the fitness dreams.” And, those dreams will continue at the Fitness Universe Weekend next month.
Former Ms. Bikini America Mari Kasvi – Valosaari is coming back to Fitness Universe next month with a new husband, married name and baby girl. “I have taken off a few years and worked on my family with the same rush as I do for my fitness training,” Mari explains. Always stunningly beautiful, the Finnish model and actress says, “I have been training seriously for the past 5 months and think the time is right to get back on stage.” Mari will compete at Ms. Bikini Universe next month in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale. She has appeared in over many Scandinavian magazine covers, fashion advertising campaigns and television commercials.
Fitness Dixie belle Kayla Deuley has parlayed her athleticism into some impressive Ms. Bikini showcasing. In just two years, the 5’5″, 25 year old has won her class at both the Ms. Bikini Universe and America shows. And, now Kayla is getting into shape with full intention of returning to Miami next month winning the overall.
As a child athlete, Kayla was no stranger to the fitness world. She explains, “I was involved in gymnastics, dance and cheerleading at a young age. I was attracted to the competitive nature and health aspect associated with such activities. Working out has always been a part of my life beginning with daily conditioning workouts as a gymnast. I took my love for fitness and became a gymnastics coach, personal trainer and bikini competitor.
But, Kayla’s drive transcends her thirst to win the Ms. Bikini Universe. transce What are your future goals in and out of the sport?
She says, “I want to open a healthy “fit” restaurant which has always been a dream of mine. When most people hear the words “eating healthy,” they think of bland, boring, flavorless foods. The fact is that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring at all. I want to show my community that eating healthy can be fun, exciting and delicious. From healthy omelets, protein smoothies and muffins to decadent entrĂ©es, organic wines and deserts, my future restaurant will create a new meaning to clean eating.”
So, the question is, where will Kayla go in Miami for her victory party if she should win?
Ms. Bikini America Jessica Vasquez was interviewed by over 100 Indian newspapers, wire services and television stations today on the eve of the Musclemania Seminar Tour in Bangalore.  Natural fitness and bodybuilding is something new for the country and Fitness Universe and Musclemania are introducing it to the massive country. The Texas fitness star will host the seminar events with MM Pros Ulisses and Simeon Panda.  Natural fitness and bodybuilding is something new for the country and Fitness Universe and Musclemania are introducing it to the massive country.
Team Musclemania spent this morning visiting a street orphanage in Bangalore, India and distributed over 1,000 donate school note pads to the street kids. Coordinated with the local CSR Agencies which helps homeless children, Ms. Bikini America Jessica Vasquez and MM Pros Ulisses & Simeon Panda personally meet with the kids and encouraged them to reach for their dreams. Said, Jessica who’s a 3rd grade school teacher in Texas, “This was such a rewarding experience the children, yes, but certainly for the guys and me.”
Team Musclemania will also hosts two seminars with over 2,000 bodybuilders, sports models and fitness ladies attending.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Ms. Bikini New England Classic competitor Stacy Newman may not have competed ever before, but the 5’3″, 108 lbs. housewife says it has only driven to aspire. “Getting on stage for the first time is why I am so passionate about this later in life. It goes to prove you can do anything you set your mind.” The 42 year old mother says she’s a self proclaimed chef who loves to take naughty comfort food and experIment with clean healthier options. “I have turned my weak, undernourished body into a powerhouse. Getting ready to compete has been an amazing journey. This is just the beginning.” Stacy will be on stage in Hartford with nearly 200 other ladies from throughout the Northeast in the biggest natural show of the spring season.
As a 3x Figure Universe competitor, Wimberly Smith could be considered seasoned to the world class show. However, this year as a new Figure Universe Natural Pro, the she is bumping up her game, moving into a special league of ladies and taking on the world’s best. Wimberly says, “I can not tell you how excited I am to compete in the Figure Universe again this year. I have no doubt the experience will be even better this year with the knowledge I have gained from previous year’s shows. My teammates, clients, friends and family will be there pulling for me and showing support along with all of the energy that is apparent at every aspect of the show.” Wimberly lives in Naples, Florida and says she’s the very fortunate mother of 4 amazing boys, ages 7, 9, 11 & 13. “In addition to being a good mom and wife, I run a taxi service, homework service, cooking and cleaning service and caring for the the boys (along with my husband). Plus, I am a CPA and certified personal trainer and nutritionist.” What doesn’t this lady do?! Well, no doubt Wimberly will be taking all her life experiences and applying herself on stage at Figure Universe next month in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fitness Universe Natural Pro Ada Abanobi introduces Haute Chocolat! She explains, “We are 5 professional women with a passion for fitness and all Fitness Universe Tour and Fitness America competitors!. Our mission is to empower and inspire others for the love of fitness, health, and self.” On their new FB page they will post weekly training sessions, unique cardio programs, recipes, holistic views, beauty tips, and “fit-spiration. “I am honored to be included amongst these fitness-industry giants. Let’s get it!
With four years of competition experience, Sarah Hoey has become a familiar and popular member of the Fitness Universe family. But unlike most competitors her motivation went way beyond a zest to get on stage. “I went into the 2010 Fitness California and placed second which allowed me to express the importance of fitness after my battle with skin cancer,” Sarah explains. Since then, she has been a spokesmodel for healthy lifestyle decisions and skin care practices for the past 6 years. In 2013, Sarah won Ms. Bikini Europe and started Team Armed Forces Europe where she current works. “The team was developed to service the military members overseas,” Sarah explains. “I believe in a healthy and balanced life, focusing on fitness and balancing military, motherhood, and fitness.” Sarah says she plans to compete at Ms. Bikini Universe and Model in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale and cannot wait to see all of her international fitness family.
With the spring season comes a plethora of amazing new talent who are breaching the veil of comfort gym training on to the public stage. Alyson Webster has been a dedicated fitness athlete for many years. Athletics have always been a part of her life. Alyson attended Merrimack College on a scholarship to play Division II field hockey and graduated with a degree in Business Marketing. She says, “From the day I set foot in the gym, I was hooked. I set goals and finish them with a bang!”
Alyson participates in road races, obstacles courses and completed her first half marathon last summer. But last summer, she decided to strive for even loftier fitness goals and attended her first bodybuilding competition as a spectator and supporter of a good friend. “I knew at that moment I was going to be on stage one day.” Interestingly, Alyson also follows the examples set by her mother and aunt who competed in fitness competitions years ago. “Looking back, I realize I had spent a great deal of my life helping others improve their lives and spent little time and energy pursuing my own dreams.
So, next month, Alyson will take to the stage at Fitness New England to compete in her first competition participating in both the Model and Ms. Bikini™ divisions. “I am determined to show everyone that anything is possible, but I know these goals will be hard and will take determination.”
“I need a change in my life and a friend suggested I give competing a try,” explains Blair Canan. The elementary school aide says she began her fitness journey about a year ago. Now, she’s ready to compete for the first time at Fitness New England in Hartford next month. “The most amazing thing about this whole experience are the friendships I have built and the amount of people who have inspired and motivated everyday. I truly feel blessed by the amount of people I’ve have motivated, too. As long as I can continue to do that, I’m doing my job! I can’t wait to hit the stage.” Blair will competing in both the Ms. Bikini and Figure divisions.