Monday, April 21, 2014

As a lifestyle and competition prep coach, Chanel Carter has learned how to apply her own stage experiences for other ladies preparing for competitions. The 5’4″, 128 lbs., 28 year old has a Bachelors Degree in Public Relations and Journalism from the University of Georgia and is an event marketing coordinator for a major nutrition company. Chanel says, “I hope to build my competition team, Team Slice, to include more ambitious females interested in competing with Fitness Universe. Currently I have a team of 8 athletes from all of the country including Jamaica. I want to be able to reach more women and help them achieve their personal fitness goals and help them find the confidence that competing with Fitness Universe has given me.” Chanel will be on stage again in June in both the Ms. Bikini and Model Universe.
 Originally from Lubbock Texas, Fitness America 2013 Champion, Stephanie “CoCo” Brewster now lives in Las Vegas, NV. When she’s not busy performing on stage or catering to a crowd she finds time to be a fitness model, coach and all around athlete.
“I like to say, ‘Me and my coco puffs are always ready for battle!’ I pride myself on my athletic ability. I train hard and push myself every second I am on the field, turf, court, or gym floor. I have been lucky to find coaches and mentors to push me to be better, and I know that the best is still yet to come. Will I step on stage for a second time as a Figure competitor? Possibly. Unfortunately, society hasn’t fully accepted a woman with a lean, fit physique such as today’s Figure competitor which makes it hard to work in the Las Vegas industry. This town definitely favors Bikini physiques. When I’m not serving cocktails in this city of Sin, I’m prepping food, training, coaching fitness athletes, or trying to find time to sleep. Working as a cocktail server, bartender, or performing on stages in Honduras and still finding time to help others pursue their fitness dreams make the adult power naps all worth it!”
Stephanie is currently preparing for her Fitness Pro debut on June 27th at Fitness Universe in Miami. She devotes four days of weight training at Phase 1 Sports, one day on the track or running stairs, and checks in biweekly with her coach.
“I don’t blame anyone for not being able to keep up with my crazy schedule! If it weren’t for my cell phone I would barely know what month we are in! But no matter the organized chaos which is my life, I train like a beast so that I can be a shining star on stage! There is nothing my 5″ Cinderella heels can’t handle. I believe that anyone can be the person they want to be too, whether it’s on stage or off. My whole purpose in being in this industry is to help show people that anything in this world is possible, but all that starts with a healthy foundation. I deal with an autoimmune disease, work two full time jobs, and still find time to train and portion out my food for the week. No one is ever “too busy.” We all just have to learn to sacrifice the less important things for this lifestyle that we all so knowingly deserve.”

Friday, April 11, 2014

At 43 years young, Amy Gaskins could still be considered a newbie by competition standards. In fact, the Jacksonville, Florida native says, “I competed for the first time last June at Fitness Universe in Miami. I had the time of my life. Competing has always been a goal of mine. But, Amy admits, she was a girl who wouldn’t put on a bikini in public. And, she had a terrible dose of stage fright. “I told myself it was time to start chasing my dreams and ever since there’s been no turning back.” From Miami, Amy went to Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas and says she found her passion. “I’ve since gotten my personal training certification in hopes to help others reach their goals.” Amy is currently training for a return performance at the Fitness Universe Weekend in June in Ft. Lauderdale.
Personal trainer Amanda Kelsay has been competing for 7 years, but the Massachusetts says her training for Fitness New England in two weeks is her most intense. “This show is always my favorite, especially it is so close to home and my family and friends and see me perform,” she explains. The 5′, 100 lbs., 34 year old has a degree in illustration and works at Fawn Heart Cronin – Boston’s Best in Dance and Choreography. Amanda will be among nearly 200 amazing fitness women on stage at Fitness New England, May 17 in Hartford.