Friday, July 11, 2014

New to the competition scene, Alina Adams was able to take a 5x World Champion to the brink and nearly came away with the Model Universe title last weekend in Miami. Alina’s main focus in the off season will be to develop her physique, but also pursue her dream in commercial modeling. Model Texas is next in line for Alina and then on to Model America in Las Vegas.
While being stationed in Germany, Siah Castellanos became engross in fitness competitions. The 5’7″, 128 lbs, 31 year old veteran has competed in 3 shows including Ms. Bikini Paris and Helsinki and will be on stage at Ms. Bikini Universe next weekend. Growing up in Mexico, Siah now says, “I cherish those memories and never take for granted all that life has to offer.” She comes from a solid military family. “My father served in the Navy Seals, my brother currently serves in the Air Force and is retiring this year. So, the discipline needed for fitness shows is nothing out of the ordinary for me.”
Jamie Lynn Hughes and husband Chris (center front) recently opened a CrossFit box in Tyler, Texas. “We planned to open with around 30 members (which is really good for a CrossFit box), but within the first week, we almost doubled that!, explains Jamie. “Before the month is over, we are projecting to hit the membership goal we set for the end of the first complete year!”
Through it all, Jamie is training herself for Ms. Bikini Universe next weekend in Ft. Lauderdale. The ’13 Ms. Bikini America Top 5 Finalist says, “Opening a business is stressful enough, but we did so less than a month before I compete.”
“I feel like both the bodybuilding and CrossFit communities tend to alienate the other. But I believe there is much to be missed out on by being so single-minded. It is a goal of mine to combine each discipline and to show that you can achieve a ‘Ms. Bikini’ body with the CrossFit syle workouts.”