Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Team Finland star Camilla Karjalainen will be among an amazing pool beautiful talent competing at Ms. Bikini Paris in Fitness Paris in two weeks. The popular Scandanavian sports fitness model current appears in a new Tapout television commercial and also appears in numerous magazine features and advertising campaigns. At 5'2", 105 lbs., 31 year old radio host and fitness model is very athletic with a extensive experience in ballet training, ice skating and muy thai. Over 150 competitors will be on stage with Camilla in Paris. Catch the broadcast action LIVE from Paris, France on October 12.

Former Ms. Fitness World and Fitness Universe Top 5 Finalist Vanda Handarean says she's training a team of junior girls for Fitness America Championships in Las Vegas next month. The former Romanian Olympic gymnast has incredible knowledge and experience and no doubt her girls will benefit from Vanda's coaching and will leave the audience in awe. "I have been working with them and teaching how to perform not just in the gym but perform in front of a live audience," Vanda says. Vanda owns her own training facility in Ottawa, Canada.

Figure Universe Natural Pro Paula De Markey says visualization is what helps make her achieve her goals. The '13 Figure Universe Master Class Champion is always a tenacious and positive influence at shows both on and off-stage. Paula explains, "It took a lot of focus, hard work and truly believing in myself and visualizing my dream to become Figure Universe Pro." Paula not only achieved her Pro status, but she also received the highest score of all 43 competitors in her class on stage in Miami. "I like to create a vision board, feel & see myself accomplishing my goals!" The Massachusetts native says, "I am excited to see other competitors’ dreams come to fruition." So, being an award presenter at Fitness Boston this weekend will bring it all full circle for Paula.