Saturday, November 9, 2013

For the past 3 years, Amy Guerin has been competing on Fitness Universe stages. And, although it's been a dream of hers to step on a national stage, she just hasn't been able to reach that goal yet. Well, that is about to change with her sights now set at Fitness America Weekend in Las Vegas. Following an impressive win at Ms. Bikini Superbody in Atlantic City, Amy's bumping up her game. She explains, "It has always been a dream of mine to be on stage with some of the most beautiful women and athletes out there. I promised myself I would bring my best package to the stage and I would know when I was ready. The time is right! I am eager to stand proud on the stage with the improvements I have made in my body." The former collegiate field hockey player and has demonstrated an inner zeal to meet the challenges and rigors of day in and day out training. Amy says she's never felt more motivated to continue her journey and be challenged at a new level.
Figure Universe™ Natural Pro Jessica Rinaldi has long earn her reputation as a premier sports fitness star. But the New Mexico trainer and husband Mike Donathan are training an impressive group of fitness competitors whom pose to be a formidable force at the Fitness America Weekend. Jessica says, "We are newly motivated and our mission with Team New Mexico girls to again dominate the stage. We have some of the top coaches and athletes leading NM and we will come with quality dedicated competitors. I am very proud be be a part of Team NM and our affiliates in MN with Perfectly Prepared." Included in Team NM are Tara Thatcher, Tarah Andrews, Nick Roybal, Nicole Leyba, Lea Archuleta, Siobhan Herrera, Eman Lucero, Stefanie Poulin and Dacia Rusick.
Congratulations Laura Tarvell who just won both the Ms. Bikini and Model Canada last weekend in Montreal! At 5'10", 140 lbs., the 33 year old mother of two sets of twins was stunning beautiful on stage and one of the highlights of an amazing show. Laura owns a Pilates studio and is a former school music teacher. She was a college basketball player while earning a BA degree in music.
With nearly 150 natural competitors from throughout Europe and America, last weekend's Fitness Paris show was an electric show! Held at the awe inspiring Cite de Sciences Amphitheatre the performances were outstanding and talent among the best seen in Europe in many years.
Australian sports fitness model Renee Brady will bring her exotic appearance to the Model Australia & Ms. Bikini Australia this month on the Gold Coast. The 5'9", 134 lbs., 21 year old personal trainer and lifestyle coach has already won two major regional model shows, so stepping on the Fitness Australia stage could be a major jump to her competitive career. Renee says she loves all outdoor and water sports, traveling and very passionate about her training and living a healthy lifestyle.