Monday, May 19, 2014

Fitness Dixie belle Kayla Deuley has parlayed her athleticism into some impressive Ms. Bikini showcasing. In just two years, the 5’5″, 25 year old has won her class at both the Ms. Bikini Universe and America shows. And, now Kayla is getting into shape with full intention of returning to Miami next month winning the overall.
As a child athlete, Kayla was no stranger to the fitness world. She explains, “I was involved in gymnastics, dance and cheerleading at a young age. I was attracted to the competitive nature and health aspect associated with such activities. Working out has always been a part of my life beginning with daily conditioning workouts as a gymnast. I took my love for fitness and became a gymnastics coach, personal trainer and bikini competitor.
But, Kayla’s drive transcends her thirst to win the Ms. Bikini Universe. transce What are your future goals in and out of the sport?
She says, “I want to open a healthy “fit” restaurant which has always been a dream of mine. When most people hear the words “eating healthy,” they think of bland, boring, flavorless foods. The fact is that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring at all. I want to show my community that eating healthy can be fun, exciting and delicious. From healthy omelets, protein smoothies and muffins to decadent entrées, organic wines and deserts, my future restaurant will create a new meaning to clean eating.”
So, the question is, where will Kayla go in Miami for her victory party if she should win?

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