Sunday, January 19, 2014

Figure Universe™ Pro Bethany Nelson has been a energetic figure on the competition scene since her first show a couple of year ago. The Minnesota choreographer and school dance coach has her own dance troupe which she says, “represents strong fitness women.” Bethany is 5′, 114 lbs., 31 years of age and decided to become a Fitness and Figure Universe competitor because of her love for hip-hop dance and performing. “I love creating my own choreography with a signature flirty, strong and powerful style,” she explains. “After discovering I had a severe gluten allergy, I quickly adapted to a new healthy lifestyle of eating clean and feeling fit for the first time in my life. In just the 15 months I lost more than 20 pounds and my body fat in half!” Professionally, Bethany is a production manager for a commercial lifestyle photographer.

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