Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Figure Universe Natural Pro Jessica Rinaldi Donathan was stunning at the Miami Beach show and easily winning the world class line-up. But, it is not enough for the Albuquerque mother who's training for Figure America Pro Championships in Las Vegas in November. Jessica says, "I am very excited about this next show. Fitness America has a lot of wonderful memories for me and I always enjoy my prep during this time of year. I love my winter squash as one of my prep staples and they are now getting to their peak season. Also I have cut my steady state cardio out and this prep will be relying on interval stairs, sprints, HIIT and heavy resistance to bring a sleek athletic shape to the stage for my 2nd Pro Show. I never want to come in the same and am maintaining good shape and muscle mass so my challenge this time is to do what I love and come in the leanest I have ever been. 12 weeks to go!"

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