Friday, October 3, 2014

’14 New York competitor Kate McKay calls herself the Master Motivator. She is a transformational speaker, author, coach, entrepreneur, business owner and a mother of 3! Kate’s passion is to spread her message of living a life of abundance, health, and prosperity. This month she has released 2 books; “Living Living Sexy Fit: At Any Age!” and “Motherhood – Dreams & Success.” Kate says, “I’m committed and passionate about helping people take their sexy back. Whether that “sexy” is about doing work that fires them up, having the body of their dreams, or even having the relationship they desire. To me, sexy is all about living a life of vitality, passion and confidence. It’s about letting go of negative self-talk and feelings of unworthiness, which no longer serve you, so you can live your life all-out.” Catch Kate Mckay at the ’14 New York show on October 18.

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