Friday, October 3, 2014

’14 Ms. Bikini America competitor Andrea Baker is in the process of launching a virtual fitness business that focuses on physical and mental health. She was not always this active in the fitness scene though. In the beginning, Andrea just wanted a smaller waist, to look good in a bikini and a tighter rear. She soon found out she needed both physical and mental strength for her fitness journey. Andrea says, “I can push myself to get through that last 10 minutes of cardio. I can pump myself up enough to increase my barbell weight. I can exhale harder to knock out those last few reps. What I have struggled to do is shake off the judgments and negativity of others. It has taken all of the mental strength I have to keep going when I’m faced with these challenges, but I have done it and I’m doing it. With my chin held high, I say to you, now that is something to be proud of.” Catch Andrea Baker at the Fitness America Show on November 21-22.

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