Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nicole Cohn-Matthews is getting prepared for the ’14 Fitness America Show on November 21. Last year Nicole prepped for her first show at the ’13 Arizona show. Nicole was nervous and placed 5th out of 5 in the Bikini. She did not let that loss stop her. She used that loss fuel her motivation instead! Nicole went on the ’13 Fitness America show and placed 11th out of 35. Finally Nicole took on ’14 Fitness Universe show and placed 4th! She says, “Each time I learn something new. Every journey to the stage offers a new experience. I am pumped up for my next show and can’t wait! My prep has begun and I’m focused like never before. A big shout out to my team and support system! I’m ready! 100% committed! Let’s do this!”.

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