Thursday, September 4, 2014

Last year, ’13 Ms. Bikini Texas winner Alina Adams made a determination to compete for the first time in the Texas show. She was happy with her overall win but the road to get there was difficult and depressing. After the show, Alina said she was exhausted and started eating horribly and skipping the gym for three months. She knew she could not allow her lifestyle to continue on as is and made another determination to compete. Alina stepped out of her comfort zone and joined Aaron Zambrano’s and Lauren Stogner’s training program. Alina could not be happier when she started training. She says, “Not only did they show me that I can enjoy prepping for a competition and there isn’t just one way to get ready for a show, they have become life coaches and wonderful friends as well. I have new friends that are like a family to me and an awesome support system that I’ve never had before.”

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