Thursday, September 4, 2014

Figure Universe Pro Michele Welcome has been practicing yoga and has done some on-the-fly workouts at the outdoor track. However she has not done weight workouts for a couple of months. The workout was quite humbling. Michele mentally prepared herself and knew she would not be at the conditioning level and strength she was at before. She was curious how her performance would be since the first day, being farther away from the goal, is always the hardest. Michele then thought back to 2010 when she went through a similar situation. Then she won Figure Universe™ Natural Pro status in the ’12 Figure America™ show. Michele says, “Just like then I’m taking it easy, doing what I can, and not looking to do a quick fix to achieve the results I want. Real results take time and a balanced nutrition. Life has its ups and downs. As I dust myself off from a year of deep depression and personal chaos, I’m not too proud to hold 10lb dumbbells while wearing my “Kill it with Drive” tank top and rock a leg workout when at one time I held 40s doing the same exercise. Keeping it real because that’s the way I roll. Day 1 – the hardest day – is over.”

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