Friday, November 14, 2014

Paris Ashley Mcbride is still hanging strong after an extremely busy weekend filled with training, family and shows. This is her 7th year training after losing 120 pounds. The ‘14 Fitness America show will be her 11th Show and her 4th Year at the Fitness America show. Paris says, “My Journey has been filled with laughter, friendship, love and tears. I have made friends with many of the great competitors from around the world. I always look forward to spending time with all of them at each show. Money can’t buy the memories that I cherish or the moments that make my life with you nothing short of an epic adventure! I look forward to seeing you all at the ‘14 Fitness America show in Las Vegas. My body will be the best it has ever been and I am very excited to show the physique that I have been sculpting. Thank you Garey Macdowell, my coach, for helping me bring my body under subjection to create a beautiful masterpiece for the ‘14 Fitness America show. Everyone have a safe trip and a blessed last few weeks of training. Cherish the days as the show is upon us!

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