Friday, April 20, 2012

'11 Figure Universe Shannon Petralito is continuing her training for Miami. In her latest update, she talks about her leg trainer and how much he matters in her regimen.

"Its week #2 in my countdown until Figure Universe! Time is flying by and I am excited to share this weeks update. I have the honor of working legs this season with the one and only Mick Souza - Mr. Universe 1992! Mick & I have been training legs now for 3 weeks & I can tell you this - he brings it back old school & I love it!

Lying Ham Curls, Dead-lifts, Suspension Lunges, Squats, Leg Extensions & Sissy Squats & we end with some old school calve exercises. One word - AWESOME! Well maybe two words - OUCH - lol!

I have learned so much already training with Mick. He has helped me understand the biomechanics behind each exercise, helped me improve my form & has taught me that with focus I am stronger than I think! He is an incredible trainer - breaths every set with you - he is inside your workout with you - totally in that moment pushing me harder than I ever thought possible!

These past few weeks Mick & I have talked a lot and his stories are amazing! In 1980 after high school, Mick went to California with nothing more than his gym bag and some big dreams. His first night there he slept outside of the gym only to be greeted in the morning by Roger Callard (from Pumping Iron) who then took Mick under his wing. Within the first 24 hours of being there Mick was now training with Roger & Arnold Schwarzenegger! Mick trained with Arnold any many others such as Tom Platz who taught him about real intensity in training. Mike Christian was like a brother to Mick & many others such as Lee Haney while he was training for his first Mr. Olympia title. Mr. Olympia's Chris Dickerson and Franco Colombu and Mr. Universe Samir Bannout - literally the list goes on and on! Mick even placed third in the World Sumo Championships in Tokyo! Imagine that! You have got to check that one out -

Mick’s gym is filled with amazing photos that capture many incredible moments from those years. You can’t help but feel like your training “old school.” It feels as if your stepping back in time & it’s a whole different vibe when you train with him - I love it!

Today Mick is married to his beautiful wife Carla and he continues to train hard & spread his knowledge to others. Mick also teaches Religious Education to 5th, 9th and 10th graders as a volunteer! One of my favorite qualities about Mick is his faith in GOD - Mick has always had a strong faith & has always believed that his path has been chosen for him by GOD & he shows gratitude everyday.

I hope you enjoy this weeks video - it was a great workout & I wanted to share a bit of my experience with you.!

I am very thankful to have the trainers & coaches that I have - we are all working together to help me be the best that I can be this season!

A special thanks to Mick this week for taking the time to pass

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