Tuesday, April 3, 2012

'11 Figure Universe Champion Shannon Petralito says that training and competing has given her the ability to take any negative energy or stress and turn it to positive. But the 35 year old mother and wife says her biggest positive is her family and, especially, her son. She explains more.

"For those of us who have children most of us if not all of us wish for nothing but the best for them. We strive to give them all we can, raise them with morals & instill values in them. When asked what we want for our children we answer things like “ I want my child to be successful, I want my child to be independent, I want my child to live a happy, healthy, long & productive life. I want my child to leave his/her mark in the world, I want him or her to make a difference. I want my child love him/herself & find love with another & make their own family.

Do we ever really stop & think how all of these things begin to take shape & eventually happen for some & why they do not happen for others? The reasons are quite simple.

Your child’s happiness,health, success, morals & values begin with YOU, yes I dare to say it - YOU THE PARENTS - not teachers, not society - YOU!

Parents give their children the first building blocks of life - we need to make sure that these are solid blocks that will withstand most storms that come their way throughout their lives. I’m not saying they are not influenced by others throughout their lives but what I am saying is most children live what they learn which usually begins at home.

We have all heard the saying that being a parent doesn’t come with a manual but being a parent does require some common sense! Your children need you to guide them & show them the right paths to take to get them on that road to success that you want for them as adults!

If your children see you fighting & angry all of the time then what do you think will happen? If they see you treat others with disrespect & talk about others when they are not around then what message are you sending? If you let people disrespect you what message does that send? If you live a negative life & surround yourself with the same guess what? So will they! If they see you everyday eating like crap & sitting around watching television why shouldn’t they? Do you get what I am telling you here? PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH to your children - it works people !

I can tell you this - my healthy lifestyle & my positive outlook on life has taught my son at a very young age how important it is to eat clean, exercise, set goals, work hard till you achieve them - when you achieve your goals take what you have learned & share your knowledge and your passion with those around you. Always work hard & never give up, believe in something!
My son watches me on a daily basis live with passion & purpose & I can see & feel how much he respects me & how much he believes in me. This is what it is all about folks! You are their hero! Don’t let them down. Teach them good not bad, teach them health not sickness, teach them to be active not lazy, teach them all that is good in the world so they pay less attention to the bad. Help them understand how beautiful they are inside & out! This is your job! Your # 1 job, spend time with them, show them that they are important, really listen to them when they talk to you, let them know you are interested in their lives.

Parenting is not easy no one said it would be but if you want the best for your children then you have to be the best to them, they follow by example, be the right leader!"

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