Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The couple that competes together, stays together! Kim Murgatroyd first stepped on the Fitness America stage in 2004, but it wasn't until husband ROB got inspired by watching the Mens Model Championships that there fitness-lifestyle really took off. Here's Kim telling it all in her own words:

"At first, when we told people we were going to start competing together, they were worried we'd end up killing each other from the stresses of training, dieting and competing together. But with our fourth national event coming up, we're stronger than ever! Doing this together has formed a bond that is unbreakable. We support each other, can empathize with each other and really have grown because of our experiences competing together. We have one rule that we live by. When one of us is anxious and freaking out, the other must be calm and in control. This way, we're always able to calm each other down. The most exciting part of this journey is doing it together as a family. Now our 14 year old daughter is catching the bug and getting ready to compete herself for the first time in Junior Fitness. With both of us having placed in the Top 15 of our categories in the past, now with Fitness Universe 2012 coming up, we're both aiming for a Top 5 slot!"

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