Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Last season, Florida fitness star Gina Ostarly made her Fitness Universe debut appearance. At 40 years of age, she brought to the stage an incredible shape and natural beauty. The 5’4″, 118 lbs. wife and mother of three is a gym owner, personal trainer, fitness and swimsuit model and accomplished makeup artist. Gina stays in shape all year by maintaining an intuitive and flexible training regimen. She explains, "I try to be flexible with my workout schedule but usually train five days a week, a different bodypart at each workout, and I change exercises often. For example, my abs workout includes a combination of hanging knee raises, 3 x 30; flutter kicks, 3 x one minute; weighted crunches, 3 x 30; seated medicine ball twists, 3 x 20" Gina's nutrition regimen includes a healthful mix like chicken and sweet potatoes. But, she admits, occasionally she indulges with a few Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Gina brings a lot of maturity to any show and is an amazing example of a family oriented, healthy lifestyle. 

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