Monday, March 19, 2012

At 47 years of age, Laura Bernstein took the stage at the '11 Fitness America Weekend - Figure Masters Division for the first time. The 4'11", 105 lbs. mother and grandmother has a personal passion for a fit lifestyle. Growing up Laura was always amazed at her father's musculature and whom groomed an interest in weight training. Trying to be fit with a small frame is a challenge, but Laura has found a way to make this happen. Her workout regimen consists of 5-6 days a week of weight training and cardio. After finding the right mix of foods for proper nutrition Laura's passion for the sport of fitness has grown. As a person who has always cared about others, Laura hopes to help and inspire young girls to find a confidence in themselves through exercise and good nutrition. Her advise to others is keep training hard and never give up.Laura will be taking her beautiful body and competitive spirit to the Fitness Great North show at the Mall of America in May. 

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