Saturday, January 31, 2015

People ask Ms. Bikini America competitor Nicole Matthews how she stays in shape, what is her secret diet and what is the best way to train. She says, “I wish I had one answer, a simple one, one that would give everyone the magic formula. Truth be told, it is so many things. I’m driven by my past, inspired by my present and excited about the future. I have experienced what it feels to fail over and over again. I have learned what works and doesn’t work by trial and error. My diet is always changing and though. I have my favorite products. It is the goals I set for myself that makes each one efficient. My greatest piece of advice is to allow your story to guide you, find your tribe and support system and go after your goals and dreams. The answers will come, magic will happen but you have got to start and be all you can be. No one is just one thing.” 

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