Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Renee Brady has a message for people who set their goals big for the New Year. She says, “You are all 1 week deep into becoming a better, stronger, more achieving individual. Don’t let your goals scare you and hold your head high knowing you are living that dream you feel so passionate about. Moments of weakness are inevitable. We all experience them but don’t be scared to invest the time and effort into your dream. Even if you can’t see the finish line or the purpose at times, you will surprise yourself! Greatness wasn’t achieved by living in a comfort zone. It was painful, hard and miserable at times. Become that psycho freak you need to be. Block out the negativity, put your head down and work! 2015 can be the best or the worst year of your life. The choice is yours!” 

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