Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just before the Fitness Universe Weekend, we received this following from Paris Ashley McBride who trained for and competed in the show. 

"I have been coming to the Universe Weekend this is my Third year, your show has completely changed my life. Two years ago when I went to the first one as a spectator actually that is a pic from the show. I had lost a hundred pounds but I didn't have any shape in my muscles. I have spent the last two years building transforming and sculpting my body into what it is today. The reason I never believed I could be a figure girl is because 2010 when I was there I saw a girl that lost 100 lbs. get second place and I was amazed how great she looked. I also believed if she could do it so could I. I know my skin is not as perfect as someone that never lost 100 lbs. but that dose not stop me from competing or continuing to build and sculpt my figure.

I was in the Fitness America in Las Vegas in Nov. when I cam home I got straight to work preparing for this years shows. I have trained everyday twice a day since Nov and my Figure has improved dramatically. I am also a Certified Sport Nutritionist and Cert. Master Trainer. Trained by some of the best in the fitness industry including Dexter Jackson, Gale Ellie, Jennifer Mitchelli, Lee Apperson, Shannon Dey and Team Bombshell and much much more... There have been many hands, knowledge and wisdom that has went into building my body over the last 4 years of my journey.

I thank you for taking time time to read a little bit about me and I am very excited to unveil my new body in this year's Universe Weekend."

Although she didn't make the Top 10, no doubt Paris went home from the show with a sense of personal fulfillment that he transformation was as unique an accomplishment as any competitor could ever expect.

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