Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The daily of training, dieting, sacrificing and then traveling to compete at the Fitness Universe Weekend can be no more fulfilling then what AJ Newton experienced. Here's her story in her own words.

"My name is Alix James Newton. I was competitor #235 at the Fitness Universe Weekend in Miami a few weeks ago. I traveled from Australia to compete at your event and continued with my travels in the USA after the event, only arrive home in Australia this morning. It was just now that I had the opportunity to check the final scores and my placing for the Musclemania Womens Division, in which the records show I placed fifth.

On the day of the finals I missed the chance to be onstage at the awards for the finals because I was involved with reporting a crime to the police. During the time between performing routines at the finals and the announcement of placings I had gone across the road from the Hilton to the local grocery store (Publix), after being assured by Musclemania officials that I had ample time to do so, as I needed to purchase safety pins as my posing suit had become undone. Whilst I was returning from the Publix to the Hilton a pedestrian was struck by a taxi cab and I assisted with the persons first aid and then was required to remain with the police and give my version of events as I was a witness. This process took some time. When I returned to the show I was informed that the show was over. The next day I delayed my flight out of Miami in order to attend the showroom at the Hilton again in an effort to explain my situation to someone, however I had no such luck and could only locate staff from the Hilton.

I understand nothing can be done about the fact that I unfortunately missed my moment on stage to accept my award and all that would have come with that experience. However, I can take some solace in knowing I was able to apply my medical knowledge to help someone who was badly hurt in an accident on the street. As I am now home and have internet access and have been able to see the scores, I am equally proud knowing I actually been in the top five."

As a scientist with a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Health Science and Nutritional Medicine, the pedestrian was lucky to have such a capable person to attend to him/her.

We could not be more proud that a person of such character chose to grace the Musclemania stage. On behalf of all nearly 400 competitors at Fitness Universe Weekend, thank you, AJ!

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