Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Figure New Mexico competitor and sports model Genieve Sanchez is a sports fanatic like very few others. Besides competitive fitness, the 31 year old landscape architect has been an NCAA Division I collegiate basketball player and professional rodeo rider. But recently she surprised everyone taking on yet another athletic challenge.

"On Friday night I won my first amateur boxing match here in Albuquerque," Genieve says. "It was an awesome challenge and I was thrilled to put my conditioning from Fitness Universe to good use in pursuing a combat sport. To my surprise I was actually the main fight on the card which I think had a lil something to with me being a fitness model and sportswriter (at least it got some pull). Or, maybe everyone just wanted to see the ladies get at it! I held my own out there and definitely gave them the "main event" fight everyone came to see! To my surprise, the fight was highly promoted and covered by the media in New Mexico and even recognized regionally."

"It was amazing and I felt so athletic and powerful in the ring. It was a great moment for me! I had not been in a live action sport since I played basketball in college and something felt ridiculously right about it.

"I feel on top of my game and couldn't be happier with all the opportunity ahead of me with combat sports, fitness, and modeling. Don't just knock on new doors of opportunity; why not go ahead and BANG them down eh!"

"Not sure what’s next, I may do another fight, but I still wanna aim for my Figure Pro Card with the Fitness Universe Tour! All so exciting!"

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