Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fitness Universe star Jessica Halbert will bring her athletic talents and natural beauty to the Superbody™ stage next month. Today, she begins her weekly update as she trains for Atlantic City! "I'm so thrilled to have a chance to blog my journey over these next 7 weeks as I head to the Superbody™ stage in Atlantic City on August 25th! I'll be competing in the fitness division, which is a Pro Qualifier this year - so the bar has been set high to bring my very best to the stage! In June, I competed in Fitness Universe in Miami and was over the moon to find myself in the Top 10. Before heading to Miami, I had sworn up and down (and left, and right) that Universe was my ONLY show this summer and that while I would be an excited attendee in the audience, I would not be taking the stage in Atlantic City in August. So what made me lose - errr, I mean - change my mind? Summer competing is TOUGH. I'm sure those of you preparing for a show this summer know exactly what I'm talking about. The sun is out, people are more relaxed, and happy hours and barbecues seem like they are on a continuous cycle. It is not easy to stay on track and avoid margaritas and bean dip and burgers when they seem to be around every turn. And really, isn't lounging by the pool or on the beach SO much more appealing on a hot summer day than working up a sweat? Well, after Miami I went on a week's vacation to the Dominican Republic and ate and drank and relaxed my little butt off. And you know what? I found myself in the resort gym by the second day. Because to be honest, while I loved indulging and partying it up on a gorgeous island, I've gotten used to my active and healthy lifestyle - and EGADS! - I missed it immediately. I also realized that I would be kicking myself sitting in the crowd in Atlantic City. This show is practically in my backyard! And now, with the show being a Pro Qualifier there is just no way that I could sit in the audience and watch all those amazing competitors without regretting the decision to sit the show out. So I'm back at it - and dialing down slowly but surely. I have to admit - summer competing may not be easy, but it is certainly manageable. First, not EVERY barbecue and glass of wine must be avoided. It was just a matter a picking a few events (early in my prep of course) that I wanted to attend this summer and making sure that these little indulgences were small in number and handled with moderation. And while it is hot outside (I don't know where you guys live, but PA and NJ have been like a freaking sauna these last few weeks) - this also means more light to the day and opportunities to take my workouts outdoors from time to time to spice things up. Ever try plyos on the beach? WOWZA. So I'm in and I'm looking forward to August 25th as I hope many of you are as well. I'll be writing again next week with another update. Until then stay strong guys - we can do this!"

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