Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fitness Universe star Jessica Halbert continues her blog this week as she prepares for the Superbody Championships next month in Atlantic City.

"So here we are less than 5 weeks out from Superbody. Translation - I still have 31 days before I can smear my favorite cinnamon ezekiel toast with almond butter at breakfast (yes I counted!) And while 31 days feels like a long time to wait for that breakfast deliciousness, this is also the week where I inevitably feel that little voice of doubt in my head - "One month? 31 Days? Will you be ready?"

"It does not matter how many shows I've done or how many times I have been through prep - when I hit around the 5 week mark, it is tough to ignore that self-doubt that starts seeping in to your thought process. See at around 5 weeks out a funny thing happens - there is still time for changes to occur (in fact you DON'T want to be show-ready that far out), but around the month mark - it is hard to trust the process and look in the mirror knowing that you will be stage-ready in 31 days time. You want to believe it will all come together but that show date starts to feel CLOSE. And it is easy to doubt your ability to make it to the finish line."

"Well there is one benefit to being kind of "old hat" at this competing thing. I've been here before - I have had this fear and every time it has come together. So I remind myself to exhale, take another deep breath in, and then exhale again. I try to remember that while there is much to do in the next 5 weeks, I have already put in a lot of work that will get me there if I can trust myself and trust the process. The doubt is just one part of the roller coaster ride - think of that knot in your tummy as the moment at the top of the coaster ride - a heightened anxiety where you wonder what you got yourself into - but the next four weeks is the wild ride down the track. It will be challenging but exciting and thrilling all at the same time."

"And no little voice is going to keep me off that ride. So time to breathe and strap in!"

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