Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sprinting to the Finnish

At the Fitness England Pageant Championships, Maija Kivela was virtually unknown when she stepped on stage! The 25 year old Finish beauty with the face of an angel weighed in at just over 100 lbs. and had one of the most crowd pleasing performances of the day. With dance moves that were at times matching those that you would expect from a London West End performance, this girl is quickly rising to the top with one of the most stunning bodies on the competitive fitness scene.

Maija moved to London a few years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a fitness competitor and has never looked back. Now getting ready for the ESPN televised Fitness Britain Finals with a dream to compete at international events like Fitness America Championships in Las Vegas this November. Maija’s background as a performer started at age 5 with dance and fitness becoming an ever increasing lifelong passion. She said, “Ten years ago, I was only a 15 year old girl and stepped into a gym in Finland where all the fitness professionals were training. There were pictures of all the winners who were in damn good shape and they were all so serious with their training, which really impressed me. Now finally, step by step, I am getting closer to my dream!”

With the more recent European Cheerleading Championships 2nd Place title under her belt and 10 years of sculpting the perfect body, Maija is preparing for the big stage at the Fitness Britain finals on September 3-4. There’s no stopping this girl!

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