Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moms Weekend Trip

It seems that the only time I find to update this blog is when I am on a plane somewhere!

I'm going to change that as I feel I have so many thoughts in my head that I should write about more frequently so that I don't end up with all these crazy long entries that no one wants to read!

But... Here goes with a long one! Lol

Just back from Miami where I competed at Fitness Universe. I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I was going to be surrounded by some pretty amazing people for 6 days!

The lead up to this show and preparation was unlike another show... And I was not sure if that was a good thing or not!

A great deal of changes have been going on in my life and I found my self as busy in the last 8 weeks of training than I have ever been.

Juggling a home, 3 small kids, one still only in half-days and 2 new job ventures is crazy enough, then throw in training and diet of a competition and you have some stress to deal with!

What could I do, clearly I couldn't do anything about how much my kids need me, to get them to all of their after-school activities, home-work etc..  They are the most important things in my life...and watching my boys play lacrosse, soccer, and baseball keeps me grounded.  And seeing my daughter dance on stage, or get ready for her first ever voice recital makes my heart swell...

I need that balance in my as crazy my time was...I had to be there for those moments.

And taking on a new role at a job means putting in max effort as well, so I was scrambling a great deal between those two alone.

Add on to that a new venture with Visalus and promoting their 90 day health challenge... Which has been amazing and makes me smile everyday to know that I am helping people to set goals and reach for them!  But that required many emails and phone calls at night, when the kids were asleep or in between driving to and from all the activities!

So now... Training!  Not much time left for that... I did what I could, gym at 5:30 am whenever possible,  I missed a lot of gym time though and would get in lunges at the soccer field,  sprints with the kids at the park, shoulder presses of anything I could grab that had some weight to it...

Closer to the competition I was going to the gym at  9:30-10 at night for an hour. Then going to the grocery store at 11 and sometimes having to cook my food still past midnight because if I wasn't prepared for the next day How could I keep my diet in tact!

Then came week of show... Organizing 3 kids and where they need to me when you are not around is no small task as all you momma's know!  It was Tuesday night and I still had not packed for the flight and photo shoot the next day!  This is unheard of for my aries personality!

So needless to say... As soon as I landed in Miami I was stress free.. I knew that I was not in the best condition I had ever been...but what could I do... The show and competing are such a small part of the experience! 

I wanted to rock that stage with a joy of just being there, and getting it done as best as I could with all the other things going on in my life.

I made it my mission to have a blast, get to know more and more wonderful competitors, learn their stories, and try to be that person who helped them have fun, and not be stressed or focused on an outcome or place

I have been on the side of wanting to win...really baldy... And I have won, and it felt great, for that night!

Then the next day I was doing laundry and all the regular stuff as real life goes on!

I have been on the side where I wanted to win really bad, and didn't... And sat shocked and angry....  But I soon realized that the fact that I didn't win, or place well had no bearing on me as a person! 

That on a day to day basis I talk to people who tell me that I inspire them.... To me that is way more important that any trophy!

If I'm not in this for fun then I don't want. To be in it!

So I really feel that that came across on Stage in Miami...I was thrilled.... Laughing the entire time in the dressing room....dancing, taking silly pictures,  in the line-up with the girls...I was pumping us all up for being incredible people for just being there!

I truly feel that is what it is about...

So I am very proud of myself, and I think it is good to be able to say that!  I made it to Miami had a blast...and from what I hear...that showed on stage!

"Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do." Orison Swett Marden

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