Thursday, September 8, 2011

English Figure of the Year

Figure England Champion Vikkie Kryzanowski is personally responsible for the success of the Figure Britain show division! The 5’10’’ Scuba Diving Instructor from Dorset was the first to tell us that we had got it completely wrong when Fitness Britian management decided to axe the category earlier this year. After quickly back peddling on the internet forums and re-introducing Figure branding, Vikkie’s coach
said to us at the England Championships “Sorry about that, she’s just a Figure Girl at heart and couldn’t help it!”

Just arriving back from the Scotland Championships, show promoters saw a traditionally small category absolutely explode with new talent. One competitor commented “This isn’t a Scottish event... These girls look like they’re ready for the World Championships!” With competitors like Renata Sulekaite winning the Figure Scotland division and ready for the showdown with Vikkie at the finals, she’s certainly got the competition that she’s asked for. Vikkie has ultra lean physique, but what she lacks in size and muscularity, she has the advantage of coming back from a top 10 position at the Fitness Universe in Miami, just short of 5th place in the world by a few points in her division. With pressure of being among over 500 athletes on a world stage where everyone has a great body, her style, presentation, and the way that she knows how to work the stage with surely give Renata the challenge that she’s after.

Vikkie was recently voted Figure Girl of the Year by the Britain panel, not only because of her competitive spirit, but her commitment to the sport as a role model for women across the UK. She’s one of those girls that is always willing to help out another competitor when it comes to bikini and shoe selection, tan, or offering tips and advice. While maintaining her competitive spirit, her focus like most competitors is about the journey of self development and being the best that she can be. “I lost over 20 lbs. during the last competitive season, going from 155lbs. to 125lbs as my competition weight in Fitness Britain 2010. Over the winter from Oct 2010 to Jan 2011, I worked very hard to fill out and gained over 10 lbs. of muscle, which helped me to win the England title”, said Vikkie.

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