Thursday, September 8, 2011

Miami Road Trip

My journey started on Tuesday June 14th taking the six and a half hour trek to Columbus Ohio to hook up with my friend Gail Mitch. The drive through the US, was my first road trip alone crossing the border, pumped and ready for my most amazing competition event yet.

After arriving, Gail and I hit up a workout and decided to shoot with an amazing photographer by the name of Andrew Nicholson. We got some great shots and had some amazing strut practice. We were happy to have Rebecca Black join us for the shoot.

Wednesday morning, Gail and I flew out to Miami at 6am, pumped, tanned and ready to rock another shoot with the amazing LHGFX. This amazing opportunity included fellow competitors Stephanie Ward, Jen Salamon, and Carol Lama. We shot on the beautiful South Beach of Miami, in the sun and heat. So pumped to see our amazing pictures soon, stay tuned.

My roommate, Jen Strong arrived later on in the evening, pumped and high on life and full of positive energy. Stephanie Ward also stayed with Gail and I, the four friends from all across the country with the same goal and thirst for competing.

Thursday was filled with registration, catching up with good friends, media sessions and a savage shoot. The opportunity to see such incredible fellow team mates and cyber friends was incredible. Such an amazing time.

Friday it was show time, the competition started with bikini theme wear, bikini, followed by the figure tall division. I felt nervous but really enjoyed competing in bikini for the first time. My Canadian snow bunny theme wear made me feel incredibly proud and having my Canadian friends Tanya and Lisa come support me, made it even more memorable and special.

Saturday is was the finals, I was happy to have placed 21 out of a tough 45 tall bikini girls, ranging from 18-34, from all around the world.

Figure was in the later evening, again competing against some fierce woman, I placed 7th out of 14. The support and love I felt from the time I touched down in Miami will forever be my most memorable moment. Stepping on the stage and feeling like a rock star.

I just want to thank all my incredible supporters, team mates, family friends and coaches for allowing me to push through and compete at my best against the best. Love you all…..

What’s next on the agenda, offseason growth time, oh yeah!!!

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