Thursday, September 8, 2011

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Little fitness star Leilani Dixon presented a guest performance at the Fitness Universe Championships in Miami. The 13 year old is a gymnastics competitor and practices 5 days a week. Like her veteran fitness mom, Yolanda Mejia-Dixon, Leilani practices daily.  She explains, "I do gymnastics five days a week and I practice my fitness routine twice a week. I always used to watch my mom perform and practice and it looked like fun. I used to copy her moves and after awhile my mom asked me if I wanted to compete. I was excited to start working on my own fitness routines. Now, sometimes my mom copies MY moves."

Like a more seasoned competitor, food and proper nutrition plays a big role for Leilani.  "I love to eat healthy food like chicken and sweet potatoes but I also enjoy my treats here and there.

Hopefully, Leilani will bring her youthful routines to Fitness America in Las Vegas and show the veteran gals a thing or two!

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