Saturday, January 19, 2013

With just two shows in her short career, Stacie Venagroturned natural fitness upside down. The 27 year old dancer instructor swept both the '12 Fitness Boston (her first show) and '12 Fitness America and surprised the veteran competitors and media with her one two punch. Stacey says, "I grew up as a dancer and have been in the competitive world for 25 years now. My strongest subject is in acrobatics. I played basketball during high school and ran cross country. After high school I became involved played softball. I like to keep active!" But with all of Stacey's athletic endeavors, she admits that one is the foundation of her rapid fitness successes. "I love keeping active with anything that involves physical activity!," she says. "But dancing is my passion and I've turned that passion towards fitness as I have gotten older." Now Stacie faces an even greater test of her fitness prowess with a move up to the new Fitness Universe Natural Pro Division. It all begins in Miami Beach in June and Stacie will bump up her game.

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