Saturday, January 19, 2013

Figure Universe Natural Pro Jessica Rinaldi maintains one of the most consistent regimens for a competitive fitness woman. Since the holidays, she has bumped up her training, nutrition and overall lifestyle. Jessica explains, "I have been mixing up my workouts and cardio since the holidays and it has given me the push I have needed to keep myself motivated and to keep making progress. I am currently doing a split similar to this." Mon - Glutes heavy cardio stairs Tues - Back and chest cardio run interval Wed - Shoulders heavy cardio stairs Thurs - Legs isolation cardio endurance run Friday - Arms cardio sprint intervals Sat - Cardio full body circuit Sun - Off day "I am keeping my cardio to about 45 min as well as my resistance training but I don't rest much in between sets. I use super sets or giant sets throughout most of my routines. This is a great way to keep your time in the gym to a min and get a lot accomplished. My goal is to stay within six weeks of my competition body all year long, so far so good. Get it!" Jessica says she's training hard preparing for her Figure Universe Natural Pro debut in Miami Beach this June. She's also promoting her website with friend and '12 Model Universe Champion CARA OVIA. Finally, Jessica is running a non-profit organization that gives fitness scholarships to at risk children.

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