Saturday, January 19, 2013

As one of the most energetic fitness competitors on the natural circuit today, Fitness Universe Pro Jackie Briggs has always brought an intensity to the stage that forced everyone else to bumped their game. She's hot off her Fitness America Championships, 3rd Place finish and gave an feverish chase to 2nd, Nikki Bongiovanni and 1st Stacie Venagro. Jackie's drive and competitiveness comes from years of cheer competitions. She explains, "I am a professional cheerleading choreographer and have also worked for the National Cheerleaders Association for 9 years as a camp counselor and head instructor." But even with all of her experiences, Jackie credits a constant schedule of training and competitions is what keeps her focused. "For me, being busy keeps me on track. I enjoy the jobs that I have so much that I don’t look at them as daunting or in the way of my fitness career. I worked so hard to get to where I am today and am happy to even have these jobs, that I make it a point to make them my priority. I make the time for competing in between my busy schedule through my determination. Instead of coming home after work and sitting on the couch before my next job, I go get my training in. I find that this year I was actually a more pro-active and a better coach to my athletes when I got my workouts in before our practice because I was motivated. I never make my fitness competing more important than my other jobs, because I do fitness for fun. I took my team to College Nationals this year two weeks out from a competition that I was scheduled to compete at. I did not let fitness training stop me from coaching these kids to a 2nd place finish. I balanced it out with eating healthy while I was there but also allowing myself to enjoy a team celebration dinner etc… It is all about balance. I do all of my food prep on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights and store them for the week. I eat my meals during teaching, and the kids I teach actually understand it. I think it is a great modeling example for them to see me eating so much food. A lot of people will automatically assume since I am thin that I don’t eat much, but the kids and other professionals I work with will always comment on how it is funny how they see me eating so much during the day. I make it work because this is a fun hobby for me." Jackie will bring her intensity to Miami Beach in June where she'll make her Fitness Universe Championships Pro debut.

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