Friday, August 1, 2014

Just in from Ms. Bikini Universe 4th Place Finalist Melissa Darmawan . . .

As I fly home to Australia tonight, I want to leave the States with a thank you.
I flew to the States with a journey different to any other contest preparation in my 3 years as a competitor. All I wanted to do is to do well. For me, this show was on the other side of the world where as an independent woman, I had to create the pathways to finance, design and create everything that I needed to be here. From qualifying to compete to studying on how to work smarter, my 17h days of training and working grew me into a woman that pushed the barriers of what seemed the impossible, possible. So I want to acknowledge some key players who have helped me in the last 6 months.
Maria Andriano – You are Figure Pro for a reason and even though you’re competing in the Arnolds at Madrid in Sept to WIN your pro card, to me you’re a pro for all the training, nutrition protocols and most of all, your love to see me on this stage. Thank you, I can’t wait to create the next part of my journey with you! x
Dymatize Nutrition – We are who we are cause our products are one of a kind and with the number of awards we have won, I am proud to be your Aussie athlete cheering you on! From our winning ISO100 to our Z Force (ZMA), I love you guys as you really do care about this – “Your ambition. Our Nutrition” so thank you. Thank you for the true Dymatize experience and I look forward to seeing you guys again. xx
Superior Supplements – You raise the bar every month on me as an athlete and there’s a reason why. You believe in the best and to be the best, you need to deliver the best and because of that, I know myself as an entrepreneur like no other. From developing my designing skills, to training and event appearances, I am grateful for the playground to grow as your athlete so thank you. xx
Fitness Universe Tour / Fitness-Universe Tour- Your shows are like no other. The production back stage is one unique package and the overall experience as one of your competitors is one glamourous one. I love it and thank you for having me at your show. I’m happy to hold 4th place in the Model Universe for 2014.
Musclemania Australia – Steve P Jones / Steve Jones / Antonietta Jones- The founders of Musclemania Australia. Thank you for what you do and the opportunity you give to all the athletes who step on your stage. It’s a testament for the team you bring to these shows in the US to highlight the Australian fitness talent we have. I have valued your support and feedback to develop as a competitor and with that, deserves a standing ovation for the behind the scenes work you both do to produce the shows, tours and magazines that we see year after year so thank you. xx
Roger Fabri and the Ramjet group – Speed and agility. Short and sharp. My performance with the group has been at its peak in the last 6 months and that’s because of the group and the coach that you are Rog to ensure all of us are on track. I can’t wait to hit out a good 100m. See you soon and thank you. xxxx
JQIIX – Jacquii Alexander & Tammie Sarkozy. Figure Champion – Two years later, we reunite. 2012 saw us come together to compete in Las Vegas and now, Miami. I love our friendship and the journey we have had and I’m sure our next trip will be beyond fun!!!!! I love you both and thank you for being part of this trip with me. In ‘mallet smashes’, Mel. xxx
Lucky last – ALL OF YOU. No athlete is on stage without each of you playing a role in some way. If that is from following our posts to look for that inspiration to the emotional support that we need from time to time, without you, I know that I wouldn’t be a the Model that I am today and I’m sure I could say the same for the other athletes who love the sport so thank you for what you do. You matter and whatever your health and fitness goals are, you have my support. Go make it happen and in the journey of it, have fun and do well. Thank you. xxx
See you all back when I land in Australia! Thank you once again and I love you. Mel. xx

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