Tuesday, August 14, 2012

With just a couple of weeks left, Jessica Halbert continues her Fitness Superbody blog.

"Another week down and another week closer to the Superbody - time is flying! So, two weeks for me is official "laser focus" time. If the month mark 
was the time for doubt, now is the time for pushing forward and running to the finish line."

This is the time when those little things that are loose in my diet or training disappear. Every workout counts, every rep pushed, and no more "taste tests" off my hubby's plate. Three weeks feels like such a short window of time, but it is amazing how many changes we see in physiques in this final homestretch!

And, at two weeks - I start scheduling all the FUN things you do pre-show. Hair cut, mani pedis, and all those other "girly" appointments. I swear I never am so well primped and polished as the final weeks before a show! It's also time to pick out clothes for shoots I have scheduled and to get lots of extra practice in those clear heels! (This activity is often combined with meal prep - adding a little show glam to my kitchen chores always "spices" things up!)

And if I'm feeling a little tired or doubtful right now I turn to the wonderful extra motivation provided courtesy of our amazing U.S. Olympic athletes that I'm watching on TV. To watch their stories of sacrifice and dedication really gets me pumped up and excited for the commitment required of me in the next three weeks. Their zeal and dedication is contagious and I'm soaking it all in!"

So for everyone following along that is meeting me in Atlantic City - let's do this - time to lock down, get exctied, and go for the gold!

Until next week,

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