Tuesday, August 21, 2012

FU star Jessica Halbert heads into home stretch for Fitness Superbody this Saturday. She will compete against many of the sports top fitness women and hopes that the show will be hers. Here is Jessica's final blog as she head for Atlantic City.

"So we made it everyone - we are here. WEEK OF SHOW (duh duh duuuuuh). The way I see it, there are two options for this week. I can freak out over the fact that I will take the stage in just a few days OR I can focus on the excitement and celebration of the journey I have participated in over these last few months. I choose the latter - because really, what is the point of all this work if you don't enjoy the process leading up to the "big day." Truth of the matter is - the work is really done at this point. Yes we have those final days where the diet and training are particularly challenging - but this week is just revealing the body you've been working on over you entire prep - the body that's been lurking below the surface as you've sweat and lifted and sweat some more."

"Over the next few days, I will really try to make a little time to reflect on the process of competition prep. I'll take 5 extra minutes to walk around some local shops or to sip a coffee and just digest the experience. This seems impossible with our massive to-do lists, errands, and food prep. But so often we as competitors forget that what we accomplish before even stepping on stage is a feat that many people never even get close to. Prepping for a natural show can get athletes to their strongest and most beautiful physiques and that is something to drink in for a moment don't you think? Doing this also helps me keep me head about me on the day of the show. I don't care how many shows I do, I'm always going to get nervous - PERIOD. Those few minutes before I actually perform my fitness routine I go back in forth between giddy joy, momentary panick, and outright nausea. But that's where my mental prep kicks in and the little voice in my head pipes up to remind me that this is meant to be FUN. Time on stage is a CELEBRATION, a chance to share with all those people in the audience a little piece of yourself and your energy.:"

"And don't forget to look around you - I've met some of my closest friends while just sitting around on my bum waiting for this or that backstage. Competing has a lot of hurry up and wait - so make the best of it! Help each other out, laugh, tell stories, and take something away from the show that is more valuable than any trophy that you may take home. I can't wait to meet so many of you that I've met "electronically" over the last few months. We are in for an awesome day, a great time on stage, and quite a post show celebration. Break a leg everyone - see you on Saturday!"

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