Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Fitness America Weekend™ Team Champs was just awarded to Team Australia, a hotly competitive group of 6 competitors who accumulated 95 points by winning multiple classes or divisions. Top Aussie point winners included new Ms. Bikini America™ Hattie Boydle (27 points), Ms. Bikini and Model Classic Winner Kristen Lonie (20 points) and Musclemania® World Champion Nathan Wallace (20 points). Other Top 5 Teams including Team Savage Warrriors (2nd Place, 82 points), Team Korea #1 (3rd Place, 71 points),Team Australian Natural Bodz (4th Place, 65 points) andTeam New Mexico Iron (5th Place, 60 points). Complete placings and scores are available here.

Competitors can represent a trainer or coach, local, regional or national fitness centers, sports clubs or other companies and national teams.  Teams can be composed of 3 to 10 people and each with a team leader. Each team may have competitors that are competing in different classes and divisions. And, if a team gets too large, then they can split and form two or more separate teams.

In the 2014 season, the following shows will feature the Team Championships:

  • Fitness Universe Weekend
  • Fitness America Weekend
  • Fitness Asia
  • Fitness India
  • Fitness Latino
  • Fitness Mexico
  • Fitness New York
  • Fitness Paris
  • Fitness Texas

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