Tuesday, June 5, 2012

As one of the Minnesota's hottest fitness stars, Tarah Aandrews earned her athletic strips as a former volleyball player, gymnast and marathon runner. At 5'7", 132, the '10 Ms. Bikini Great North Tall Class winner is a striking woman. But, she's a self proclaimed wacky lady. "I'm a quirky tomboy at heart," Tarah says. "My favorite thing to do is make my friends laugh! I'm known for busting out my "Irish jig" after a good cardio session. When I'm not in the gym I enjoy having healthy lunch dates with my teammates, walking my dog around the lake or taking my little sister out for ice cream! Also, this year (January) I graced my very first COVER of a fitness magazine! I hope to keep excelling in the modeling world."

Tarah is training for Ms. Bikini Universe in Miami in two weeks. But her reasons are more passionate than one would expect. "Living a healthy and natural lifestyle is my passion in life!," Tarah explains. "And to be part of Fitness America is a true honor as it represents classy, natural and hard working women. My hope is to inspire others to compete in this amazing federation!"

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