Thursday, February 16, 2012

With 100 women from all over the United States, Canada and Europe, Camp Savage kicked off its 16th year of Competition Prep Camps at the Savage Studios in Massachusetts. History making FA Champion Lori Harder was on hand to share her stories of success and her wisdom on competing and breaking into the world of fitness modeling! Also, several world champions such as FA Champ Leigha Harvey, Masters Figure Universe Champion Laura Carter, Masters Ms. Bikini Universe Champ Pam Hynes and Ms. Bikini Universe Masters Champion Jodi Harrison as well as FA rising stars Leeann McCormack, Jackie Briggs, Jessica Halbert and Melissa Toler.

One of the most special aspects of camp was that each camper has "one on one" time with Cathy. "With all these women, some may think there is not enough of a personal flair to it" says, Cathy. "But this camp is totally personalble and hands on!" With 15 coaches, each girl receives the highest of personal attention including a one on one assessment with Mama Savage".

Friday night started with the annual party atmosphere to kick off the new competition season. The campers learned about posing styles, judging criteria, and budgets! Saturday morning started with intense training, posing, assessments, nutrition discussions and photo shoots with FA Photographer Jason Halbert, who also talked about what to look for and what to avoid during a shoot. Other topics included marketing, modeling and choosing a show as well as every aspect of stage preparation!

Cathy Savage has been preparing athletes for stage and this year's camp kept the tradition going, filled with laughter, sweat, tears and moments of greatness for newcomers and veterans alike!

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